Thursday, May 15, 2014

mars to go direct

things may be boiling over subsiding and then belching up one last push...
the ones suffering would be the ones who are the most stubborn. You must do it..let it be
throw it down like you've never done before
be the woman
be the man you are inside
think of the best things that you love
expect the best things and say them often
I want a beautiful fairy garden
to imagine the cells in each plant speaking to me through the tiny fragments which make it whole
that is you and me
that is everything
are you a rock forever worrying against cracking
you will crack
and become sand
are you a cloud always worrying about storms
they will happen
don't forget that you are made of star stuff
rich compounds like enzymes and amino acids..their creation so violent and hot that it takes big numbers and letter to even talk about it..the news is that your mind can direct their what extent, I do not know, but the longer you resist, and hate, the longer it will hurt you..and "we all come from the goddess" may be a thought more profound than words can describe..
just saying in my Libran way..them is the facts..

I cannot really see other Libran points of view but I know we can all agree that we basically want the same things..clean order calm money food..
Aries, you are in a state of denial all last year and now you realise that you cannot live by your codes and your mothers codes..all codes must change with every new thing we know..This year you will submit a little bit to someone else who you cherish. You will become the woman or man you've dreamed yourself to be because remember this my sweet Aries, you always get what you ask for because of your bright charm..

I would like to touch more on Leo :) Leonine type  people..not the children, adults!
it will be a long one..I have things I know about Leo peeps and if any of you want to listen to the anastasia, she will tell it..not here though and not later chapters of my Lionine ideas and such!

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