Friday, May 2, 2014

The place

whew, what a very fast and slow few days..If you had any angst and thought you'd just dump that on someone just to feel better..well it may have been automatic with your zombie system taking over and not all of your choices were wise. You get mad or say it like it is or in my case..well, this isn't about me....
Look, Mars is going direct soon. Don't you feel it..It is in Libra at 11 today..eleven which is two which is a truce, and, which is understanding your hearts desire and being happy with just that..that you can have the best friends through your honesty..

You are on the right track so don't worry.
People are coming in to your life who help and you don't even know right now how much..this is the time to think about each thing.

Libra is about leadership and at this moment Mars in Libra..teaches if.
resolve to think
intuition guiding
being one with your inner mind
being free
see those not think she can't grab them and strike..she is fit to defend as her species ancestors once did thousands of years ago..she keeps the most sacred traditions of her people and observes the rest.
she now knows that she is the queen
she is always keen and listening to her minds with intuition and fast  resolve..
She does not need to see who her enemies are, she is friend to all and sometimes..sometimes a friend to no one..that is when you can be with your self..
how can I explain something that profound?

this is a few days of composure, yes of course you can get mad..people do stupid things and say stupid things..( at work I told a leader once that I knew her when she was a tiny little thing))
I had to go and tell her that I am a stupid jerk and didn't mean it like that.  We laughed our asses off that day. Now, she hugs me every time..I love her I think I really do..she is pregnant at the moment..they all let me touch their belly and the baby will now my touch..I have seen many of their babies grow up in front  of me..there is one little boy, oh my, his name is, Blaze Wolfgang! He was a babe when I touched his little toes because his momma had to come in and show me his skin..:)
I always give her something nice like a shea balm or the honey bee one with organic olive oil.
they love me all the mommas do!

Now lets get our money issues together and lets forgive our monkey mind and lets make our homes so so beautiful that it would a pleasure to come home..
Our intuition is pumped because our memories use every detail..we are mass hypnotists of our brain cells using our will to make changes for all to enjoy..

I mixed bergamot and red mandarin oils with manuka honey. Omg, and then I added the magical superb oils with those two like the chypre blend I made a few weeks ago. it just keeps getting better, that.
I added frankincense, chypre, davana, rose, labdanum which I glazed the whole top with..
I looks good with obvious honey saponafied in goodness but yes, I sometimes feel like a genius a barefoot one!

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