Saturday, May 24, 2014

tobacco vanilla platform

I love the smell of tobacco with vanilla together.
I would love to make a soap with again with tobacco and vanilla..For now though, a body oil.
I will add a little citrus this time in the form of organic sweet orange and bergamot oil.
I would add a hint maybe just one drop sweet birch..
birch and tobacco give you a nice leathery feel.
I find this blend to be inviting and tenacious at the same time.
I will add sandalwood, rare, and bring  it to a warm finish with a shot mandarin..not too much!

This is a very nice blend for men and women and speaking of is almost time for the rooster..
the lemon balm and strawberry flowers are in and the wormwood is perfect for him..remember the rooster blend?
 Petitgrain, lavender, patchouli, wormwood, lemon balm, straberry flowers and sage leaves...
Now all I can think of is that petitgrain from Sunrose Aromatics! I will be wantin' some of that!
Have a wonderful sunny day!

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