Wednesday, May 14, 2014

frankincense from yemen from the goddess and her daughter

These are frankincense tears from the male tree,  Yemen, bitter, lemony, rugged, enticing and powdery..

 Here are the tears from the female tree..soft, sticky, generous and potent, suave, fruity, temple, church.
I am brewing up a potion..
so far it is mostly resin with a little beeswax and jojoba, og...
There are hints of jasmine and hints of a church  or some sacred book store where you can go and hide with an old book and get lost in a time that is long gone..

Tomorrow, I will add more frankincense tears and slowly melt as much as I can and then maybe a shot spruce or juniper..we'll see..I thought just rose but I have been doing rose all winter..Yes some sandalwood for sure and jasmine..a liquid kyphi:))))

"Oh Mighty Isis, open the veil, expand my knowledge, 
my treasury overflowing,  willingness and  poise to accept, you are me!"

That mother and daughter came. She brought this gift to me. I was so happy I almost cried.

I told you, the mother, she is special, I feel like her intuition is so keen and certainly shows in the way her daughter helps her gather oils and such..
I just want to say that this is one of the most profound experiences for me..I would like to share this with you. I ate a little of both. The female is like firm gum in your mouth when you chew her. I ate it all day, yesterday..not the whole thing, like little pieces.. I had amazing dreams all night like I was high on life. My face tingled a little but I felt so good. Most people freak out about eating resins. In Greece we used resin Mastixa as gum all the time..

Boswellic acid is the abundant fatty acid in frankincense. 
I wonder how the female differs in her composition? She certainly smells sweeter.
Now I can see why frankincense is so expensive. It would take a lot of these tears to make a pound of oil.                  I wish I could.
I know, I can't do everything, but I can intend and make potions..I feel like this one is leaning towards Kyphi..however, I have no calamus and that would require a trip to the witch store..and traditional kyphi calls for peppermint and I can't bring myself to use it in such a complex recipe.  I want this balm to be  so intense and then as soon as you put it on your pulse points, it will expand it essence in small particles through your blood stream, maybe even bring better dreams..ask for them:)

earth lore

So.. the brew is brewing 
all we need to is wait 
and wish
and be nice
and be swell
because it is better that way:)

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