Saturday, May 17, 2014

mars goes direct on the 19th

I am feeling that energy big time.
in my feet mostly.
It is the oddest thing but my feet are just pounding pavement these days.
I had to buy new shoes and that is when the trubel and I mean trubel not trouble this time because I feel things
The big deal about shoes and my feet! I mean really! It is just a new pair of boots and it set me off on a rampage of pain in my feet which led to pain in my ass which led to buying some soft sketchers that are made for old least that is what they look like..I wore them out in a week, you hear me! They are made to go to the market in your car, not the kind of truckin I do.
$59.00 dollars and they already suck. ha ha They are cute and cushy:)
I have to break in the boots, I know this. I do not want to break in the boots..I have to break in the boots..They give lateral support  to old dames like me..sigh!  It is like they force me to walk a new way and I am hard to change the way I walk.
I am kind of stubborn.
Every time Luise Hay  says something like , stubborn pride, I think that it is isn't me..
Or if I test really hard for "generosity" during a muscle test in some flower remedy, I think, no, I am so generous..that was when that chick stayed with me all winter and over took my home..
The message then  was to set limits on how much I should give and  there I was doubling myself that I wasn't generous enough..
interesting thing about looking know now that you are healthier and more confident..
There is a good message in the shoes..My feet will one day find the perfect boots once again and I will walk in them for a couple of years.

I am not sharing anything new about me or you really. It is always nice to re calculate your intentions and decide to either work to get better or sink in to a pot hole trying to scrape your way out with out too much things in life are the truth with happy forgiveness propelling it. It always takes me a while. I will mull things over for a year if I have to. I observe and organise and I will select and I'll perfect..we all should rely on these ideas.

I had lunch with an old chatty friend the other day..she is always the one doing the talking because she cannot shut once in a while I get a word in which was this last time. She is one of my dearest women that I see often at work
I told her that some new family members said that I was too soft, too loving and too accommodating and then they proceeded to lecture me because of those qualities on how I should improve myself..
you know what my chatty friend said?
"well, they just don't know you too well now do they?"


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