Sunday, May 11, 2014

the full moon

helps us to make time to think about our actions and the words we spew out of our mouths.:))
Me? Spew? LOL

Ok, so money, people and the other emotional zap zone stuff could lead to some anxious behavior.
I am not saying you cannot handle this stuff..of course you can!
The full moon does bring things out in the open. Some things people do not want in the open..they want to stay in the dark as a  lie or worse convince themselves that it is must be true!
If it must be true, then, yes, it's!
ha ha
I laugh a whole lot because sometimes the outside world makes me cry.. I get so sad when muggles are in my face..
Yes, I am a fact driven magical is the best way..

If I could just bring your attention to something other than what is is that you can still choose the right way to deal with muggle folk.
They want the pretty picture. they want, to be right and they must be right!
If it must be right, is it  true?
Good things are when we trust each other to do our best and all of us doing our best..
When we give freely, what and when,  we can..the more we get, the easier it is to give. We should all have all that we need and more.
I feel like money changes everything and helps you to be healthy and wise and money brings friends closer and drives the anger element from us. When there is plenty of money, there is hope and promise for contentment. I am not talking  about TV people and their issues..that is all make believe..I am talking about always having enough to help the world one little act at a time by giving allowing the receiving to happen..
This is so important in our society today.
I say we bless all the dollars in our checking accounts and we arrange our receiving end to open the doors wider to get more.

Today is Mother's Day in the city.  Happy Mother's Day. I would like to thank my boys for cutting the grass and always  digging areas for my pleasurable plantings and my girls, who always do anything I ask of them to help with chores and details I often miss. having all these teens in the house hasn't always been easy, but i feel like it is reall and that I am doing a great job as a parrent.
It is a good day!
Everyone is out buying flowers and cakes for a nice family day and it is sunny and warm.
In modern times, you do not have to wait for the flowers to grow in your pots, they have been nurtured and grown for you!.Just put them in dirt!

I hope you have a good day...I made a blueberry sour cream coffee cake for us all to enjoy..I hope you get to eat something sweet to honor the sweetness in life which our mommas gave to us so easily and so freely..
I love you, thank you, you rock!

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