Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Capricorn and the dark moon

We are about to go into what I like to call "the "Sag /Gemini" sectors"
Right now Saturn is still in Scorpio, the last few degrees. When the ruler of Capricorn goes in to the ruler of Sagittarius..change is profound and meaningful..true story!

The dark Moon in Gemini is awesome right now and highly critical and the full moon in the next few weeks will reflect all the hard work we've put in..
Why do I mention Capricorn? Because this creates some highlights for Cappy..my Cappy..
as well as everyone else..especially  Gemini and Sagittarius..more on that later..

The Gemini thing with Capricorn is about being grateful for what you have right now because man, you have had a whole lot on your plate for a while now.
It was easy then cappy, simpler, yea?. Who am I kidding? It is never too easy. You wouldn't like it any other way, so it is what it is.
In the next few years Capricorn, Sag (The Archer) will change (all of us))in very big ways.
Capricorn will face some dark corners of her life and again and I say this all day, clean up your closets. This means that you even have to change your diet. Do not get stuck in old structures that do not fit your evolution. You health is more important than your ideals. Your child needs you more than your job does and I know that  more and more, you know this!
You do not need all that stuff and it is time to move on from relationships or a diet  that is not serving you.
it doesn't even matter that you have served your own needs beautifully and with gusto. It is that now, you must let go if some ideas and do the right thing for someone else's sake and yourself as well!
I say diet because the Gemini new moon in your sixth is perfect time to review and sort through your inner health and outer health..
For young Capricorn it may be more difficult because as we all know, cappy never had it easy..have we now?
My Moon is in Capricorn..I work hard and can see (suck on) the agony in life's pillars and shells of structures in people and events..
it hurts me  sometimes because I expect complete loyalty and noble actions from people..and..myself!
Who am I? A High Priestess?
You bet your sweet ass, honey, I am!

The airy flow will continue and  with Mars in Libra all summer and June will be a blast mentally for all of us.
I love you:)

All orders will go out today and I must say this;
I feel really good about my chosen profession(s)
I feel like I want to help the life and pulse of the world with helpful and meaningful measures:)
You too?
Join me in this thought for this day..

"I excel further and farther each day so that my "regression to the means" is still respectably high, each year, each day,  my "normal" is excellence"

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