Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ok so mars

It does feel a little better..I wanted to sleep all day yesterday! It was awesome! I worked outside, held a baby and came home and slept like one on my clean couch!
Mercury is about to go retrograde so I feel like there must be some wonderful fix ups coming up and we're really shining some light on reality and, I am:)

"how can I take astrology seriously if mercury is always retrograde?"
"Take everything seriously because Pluto is in Capricorn and Mercury does go retrograde often!"
 "Every two months, give or take!"
I am going to say that the energies will be more Libran ghosts popping up, other than that it is really more fixing up, cleaning up and getting rid of old things that do not fit.
You know you will because you've let something go for too long based on fear of facing it and not hurting.
maybe even laziness!
(note to self)
Lazy Libra head in the sand thinking you are doing what you can
sometimes the sword in your hand
must be used for the reason it exists

You are fine. Do the best you can and always be kind.
Check on your money that you never actually get to hold anymore.
Funny how we can be on line for hours but going in the money vault is this big thing.

We should be filling our money vaults! The one on line as well as the one we have hidden not tell where it is..make it  big, add to it weekly~ what ever we want dollar, 20 dollars.

We must generous to our future selves!

Now there is an intuitive pump!

Let's be generous to our future selves!

I am making balms today

rose eye balm

frankincense myrrh sandalwood magical mystery balm

Tme to work, my lovelies!


  1. You must crash hard when you sleep because you are always working. My brain gets tires trying to keep up!

  2. :) My whole family, we are strong and work hard..
    I do crash. I do not have too much on my mind at bed time. Too much turmoil at work or relationships has some people not resting enough. Me?Some nights, I go to bed at 9:30..lame, right?
    ha ha ha
    I like getting up before everyone else is a beautiful thing..that quiet, and so tranquil and thoughtful time for me.
    too much sitting around makes you weak, really..


  3. The mornings are the most glorious. I hate when people invade my morning solitude.