Friday, May 23, 2014

metaphysical and prophetic

If I could control events in time and space I would be a god.
I can't control matter to create magic...the women and men we've deemed as witches may have had the power to control their brain in a more efficient and advance way or were they just talking..and some guy called them witches and then the murder..if they were really witches, you think they would allow themselves to be stoned to death? Or what ever? They would place themselves in a nice hut somewhere because maybe that was the best thing they could think of back then. Just saying, why would a real magician allow such bad things to happen to himself? "She sucks at magic, yo, maybe we made a mistake about that chick?"

It is simply that things do not work that way. In order to make real change in your life, and we all know this, is to work at it and change your mind, fix one thing, then another. magic should be about what must be and how well we listen to our inner mind.
If magic is what we dream of, we must be sceptical and we must be diligent and real..not dream that we are Harry Potter at Hogwarts..hahaaa
I would love that, actually! Have you seen some of the work on etsy is named, "Winterfell"? ha ha
In reality Winterfell smells of manure and sweat with the women's fancy dresses reeking of underarm oder..which I kind of like on a clean he washes with the old whore.
I would be Dumbledore! The phoenix is his animal because he is so advanced..even he sacrificed himself..humm
there is a story there.

You might have noticed that I am speaking un -magically lately.
I am does not mean I've lost my energy and the way I make things.
I means I will work at tweaking my brain. I will be Greek it means,  to think.
It does not mean negative and nasty. I  have heard many a sceptic talk to me about astrology, which I love!
They say things like, "the planets in space cannot control your life and tell you when you will get married"
Of course they don't..but the rumble and they quake and we must feel the energy. it goes everywhere! Anytime our sun coughs we feel it!
It is energy you can't see..dark and full of everything there is..god.

A good sceptic knows more than the facts too. Asks all the question that she wants to..
Like making ideas stick and allowing the brain to light up even more on the notions you create, think about and, do, do..
Your brain uses 20% of your blood. Did you know that?
Your blood needs oxygen, good food and exercise..
A good thinker always waits before buying the magic formula, however,  which will now (ha!) set her success in motion..she  also learns when enough is enough..
She is kind and even though she doesn't agree with you she is not disagreeable..there is no time for drama..making time for crying and grieving is a drain to the brain. Did you know that?

( a convo from last night)
"I was just at my widow and widowers meeting"
"how was it?'
"it was good, but this other woman there whose husband has been gone the same amount of time as me, she is negative"
"really, how so?"
"She cannot let him go, she is a downer, I mean he is gone three years."
"maybe you've out grown the group babe?"
"no, I need to go"
"well, maybe she girl will learn to let go and move on, whatever that means."

Moving on...there are bad things that happen randomly and  people die or they fucking tear out our hearts until we are so torn apart we resemble those zombies on walking dead randomly wandering until we get someone else we can snack on, or, in order to feel better we let someone drain us dry to where our "will" is a distant memory.."what did I want to do again"?

Thank goodness and time. Time changes everything. One moment you are low and then the next someone gives you a gift. It lights up chemical, electric sparks of real forces at work in your three pound brain which make you happy. You look at your day with a cheerful satisfied nature..the next thing you know, you have already allowed release, heavenly, happiness flowing, spreading across your minds eye  where your real and very complex magic is made....


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