Wednesday, May 7, 2014

longing for home

Someone asked me today how to cure her mom's depression with one my vitamins..
She asked for rescue remedy and then asked for something stronger like valarian..
I kind of got stuck for  a second so I asked what was wrong and she said her mom was sad because she had to leave and go back to another country..awe, sad huh?
I mean I guess valarian and rescue remedy and what does one do?
I said rose jasmine and neroli
for three things
rose for open heart to receive
jasmine to confide (confidence))
neroli to calm perfection of getting
me, I would add sandalwood to make it a rare experience...
Life and our lives...
I know I felt kind of stuck in  costa rica towards the end there. I couldn't wait to come home to where my family is and I still feel great about that..and now here is a woman who has to leave her kin..that is so sad, yea?
Why be so sad about outcomes when new doors are open all the time and her having to go home is no big news. she knew she would have to before she came and reality sucks and how is she going to deal with her loss is a matter of how far she is willing to dwell in agony..
I am sure she sees that life indeed does  go on and one must function..

If you can get your ass to the gym that is even better. I climb stairs at work and do not go to the gym.Working in one's garden is quite invigorating!
That is me
gardenin' annie
miss earthy

All I am saying is, we know to  be kind, loving and do lovely things and if god were real he would turn all the guns in to flowers and all the flavors of earth would be even more vibrant..he would come to dinner and bring gifts for the kids, there would certainly be no talk of any depression..especially no depression!
I mean why leave cryptic messages of who is the best one? Just come down and tell it! God would just show up and fix any thing he wanted..  he remains silent..he would have helped all the women who were burned alive for not loving jesus enough and practicing magic.. and all the men too.  he remains silent..

My grandmother would do magic with the whispering chant and this hand thing..I remember had to sit really close in front of her and look in to her eyes..focus and worked! Women would come over to be treated by my ba ba, they all did it...we had a yia yia and a ba ba was old and kept apples in a chest and when she gave us one in winter, we were tickled pink! All I remember is  that the "stari" (old ones) were really good to me and loved me. awe!!
There were  all sorts of customs in Macedonia. Like when a couple gets married they have to kick a glass of wine over a threshold to signify the transition...focus and intent again! It must be in the has to be the brain.

Earth is for all of us, yes?

Think about it,  there is no evidence of any mythic gods living in us or in heaven, none..There was a big bang  we can now  think about what was before that..expansion, contraction, collapse..Life like ours has happened before perhaps trillions of years ago, or more..and did you know that amino acids are made in super novas and... we are made of amino acids and it takes over 12 billion years to evolve in to life like us? Of course you know, I tell you all the time:))

I do not think we are the only way there are super novas exploding all over place in  the Milky Way let alone The Universe!
It is just that everything is so far in .light time and space!
Imagine a billion light years can't..

We should talk about Mercury next!

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