Tuesday, July 15, 2014

beyonce and virgoan delights

awe..she is a Virgo an awesome one..
she has been sad
like most virgos
I am not saying she is good or bad but I think she as a virgo is hurting
virgos hurt more than others for some reason

(not really..they think they do())
this can lead to being a marter to yourself
doing wrong and being mean
being lost in some dogma that does not fit anything any more, understanding that you are going to die and shrivel up while dying..

 oh yea, beyonce,  that life, the dad, the mom, the sister hitting the hideous husband for being what he has always been..a man..mooohaaa
"one day you're here, one day you're there.." (holy grail..the only song that I know JZ is in)))ha ha ha
they want to fuck everything..all boys do even saggiatarians!
Did he really do it? Yes, most likely, why is every  one shocked?

I don't really follow all the celebs..but it is everywhere. You can read all these stories with pictures about people you do not know..I know enough Virgoans to note that they are amazing in the zodiac..if only they could just be free from guilt and sorrow..a chip on your shoulder can lead to breakdowns.

Think about the goodness and  joy that can come from just letting go. Sex is not dirty, it has never been, we are animals, that is it, we can be kind and not run around like dogs but when we live with them and eat their meat we turn
we turn
when we are alone we are back to who we are..what we are loyal to and wish to please..who do we serve..

what do you think about
when you are all alone
are your thoughts emerced in an other's wrongs
are you plagued with disgust with yourself
do you go hungry when your head has been in the sand
what do you read now
who are willing to change in to

you talk about soul and heavenly delights
you think about dancing and swimming in starlight so so bright
I know you because we've passed in a  dimensional stream
you are forever creative an artist and a long lost friend
I love you and hope for you only the best
that for sure always, you are living in your finest dreams

da best tings

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