Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Scorpio caution a bit graphic :))

Wow, really, what a shift in vibes huh?

I want to say it will get easier but I think we will expect more from one another now and have the ability to deliver the goods.
 Mars is Scorpio is all about getting down to the facts like a surgeon.
Also if you are the creative type, you might want to challenge yourself regarding your expectations of what you can actually achieve and not what you want to get from something. Money changes everything.
You might find yourself more attached than usual and feeling lonely in a room full of people at the same time.
You might find yourself blaming others for your feeling when your feelings have nothing to do with  what must be done.
caring, not caring, is not going to make a  difference when something is clearly in need of doing..why wait, sonne?!

This is no time to squander your funds but funds will come. they just do. Jupiter in Leo loves money and and money loves Jupiter in leo and he wants us wants to look good so we will all do some new things with our hair and maybe shave  our legs because Mars in Scorpio likes Clean and Classy..Leo loves anything bright and styling so we will see.
I have been on a grand roll this summer what with mars in Libra transiting my Venus in Libra and North Node in Libra, and now Mars in Scorpio hitting my tenth house with Mercury in Scorpio and my Jupiter and Neptune all in Scorpio.
What is exciting is that it has all been  related to learning (I have Venus in Libra in the 9th)
and my public persona and how I express that with my clients and friends.
I cannot hide for long, I must produce art through my words and products. That is my best thing right there!
Another best thing is that I am able to appreciate other's work and shed fear about who is better than who and who has an award about some dumb thing that only lasts a second and still you're still poor..
I say release that and be who you are. Competition leads to mistakes and loosing some of the time..
Win in your own heart, do what you love and all good things come with that.
Accept quietly while planning better ways to do your work. change when you need to..change your mind about god, and what they have told you. there are no miracles..I am sorry, I wish that we could bring people back from the dead but it cannot happen..if there is a divine being he would fix all of the turmoil in the world..he is silent while 91% of Egyptian girls get their clitoris ripped out for god.."wow" and super "sigh"!

about 25 years ago I read a book called The Tao Of Sex and during that time I was meditating and learning about the teachings of Yogananda and his teachers..
The ideas were that sex should be sacred and not wasted otherwise you get bad chi in the body which goes unbalanced and things start to happen. I pretty much thought that to be true..anything in access is harful, any good  Libran knows this.
Like too much anal sex causes the muscles in that region of the body to never repair themselves enough..it makes sense but gays do not always penetrate so I have revised  my understanding of this. plus, keegles really do work, yo.  Love isn't always bondage type porn sex..(I work with young uns who talk freely about these natters)
A point made by one guru back in the day,  was that too much clitoral stimulation leads to bladder imbalance and makes for a thicker lower body..
Well, today all I see is a who lot of younger gay girls who are fit without that stereotype..maybe some gay girls do not eat well, drink liquor and get too much clitoral stimulation! What do I  know?
I feel like the old books all put women is a very unkind place and gays too. People are smarter now, right?
Gays are no longer living secret lives and porn lovers no longer visit bath houses where drugs and sex with anybody is cool. It never was for many thank goddess, because I think our clitorises are fine..but dang man, 91%? And we are still worried about the pyramids crumbling? Take a picture, make a replicas you dumb fuk! Also I think hire a woman to engineer the whole thing and see what you get..please, stop cutting the babies genitalia. It is so mean..we live in modern times, where rituals and cleansing through blood shed isn't so cool and not needed what with having soap now! Dude, I can't help but be salty about things!
And they call me a hippie?

there is a snake deep down in there
it frightens and stirs your deepest yearnings
you breathe in strong breath
breath out all the gray stress
because the stirring is becoming vibrant, it snakes up along your spine
each level a ball of light that is secret and always with you
it passes by the creative empress energy pregnant with boons
money rich and wealthy abundance
the third orange and upwards to  red
gut instincts
breaking it down to what you can use
at the heart.
getting it
being loved

now lets go up, say what you love
say what you mean
say it with grace and sweet words
say it with confidence
with poise
it is what your heart wants all along and here is how it is shown to others
your mouth full, juicy and  always willing to laugh even when it hurts
you mind
you call it the third eye
I call it you inside

breath in now and let it all expand through vast distances
your mind connected though the base where the seeds of creativity lie

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