Friday, July 25, 2014

sandalwood and neroli turns

I love sandalwood and finally out of the four companies I work with when I buy oils, I am in love with Eden's, sandalwood "rare'. I did buy an Indian sandalwood and used it in a perfume I made for is so young that it took weeks to age..I still added more of the one I love.
I am expanding my knowledge. I am finally ready to do something with room fresheners.
the problem has always been the tools.
I don't want candles around with my kids or their kids and I do not want to spend money on an electric diffuser..40 bucks on a machine..not for me!
I love room sprays. It is perfect. The delivery is alcohol based and I basically infuse grain  liquor.
Someone said it smells so good, you could drink it. Don't drink it.
It is for your brain not your

 I like to study other's work, read about ideas from other aromatherapists and make my own conclusions when it comes to mixing blends. I work with oils on hand mostly. Yes, we had palo santo for a minute and lavender palmarosa and lime together were memorable! I say, quite memorable..
I might bring that idea back in soap..
right now, I am intrigued by mandarin and lime together with basil at the very strength of this potion. Is there some other component I can add to this? yes. some oil of leaves from the bitterest orange tree whose leaves smell of sunshine and flowers most intense( petitgrain sur flue and also lemon leaves here)
You do get the green and then you get the softness and perfume of red mandarin fruit.
Does this blend behave like one of my best?
That depends, there are some who do not abide citrus. I can't personally,  fathom that but, yes, there are those who do not care for citrus oils..crazy huh?

Next, Sagittarius and Virgo moments of thought...

What should a scent be for a Sagittarius? Or better get, one who has been slow to go natural all the way. They get it, perfume is bad but all of the natural oils do not appeal to them..
How can they, at the store? All of that energy from hands all up on each bottle, it changes the vibe in the oil.
someone mixed ylang ylang and vanilla yesterday and we all almost reeled.."whoa"
I had to wash that off!
Wow, ylang ylang can go bad I suppose... it sure got to me! I will say this, it cleared my head and I was really good at my job afterwards..surprisingly clear headed and calm all day..there was the lady who wouldn't leave because she is so full of family despair t hat her kids now think she is senile  but like most Aquarius people, she is just out there and not lol lol
I told her she sees too many clairvoyants and that she should focus on being happy and living life..
I told her to go do tai chi and not worry that some weird stalker is trying to fuck with her mind..I dare not say that that I think she is fucking with her own mind. That is what everyone else says to her! Who am I, a store clerk? More than that but  not really.
Ineteresting, right?
I gave her basil and frankincense on a cotton ball and told her to go home and dab it on all the doorways. she came back and asked me for the tai chi teacher's phone number. I hope she goes..:)

I have a soft ylang ylang here in my shop which is pleasant and when mixed with a touch vanilla, it is intense magic, sweet and good suave power..Virgo and Sagg, can and should use that right now. Suave is when you are quietly powerful and smart too. Some sweet love making power and rare abilities to connect all the dots perfectly.
I see you yearning for more..more desire to change from with in, more compassion for the woman or man you've become, more aware of every cell in your body remembering what you fed it yesterday, talking and willing to submit and say you are sorry for other's pain and being real with what you are.
I love you
So I think vanilla and jasmine and rose for you, I think a touch mint and a flash scent of resin, pine,  sandalwood for you. Relax and be content for you..rose because you are wonderful and happy..beautiful rose for open heart to allow goodness in..

For the man who is Virgo, if he were mine, in soap, I would want, always, vetiver and lime with any old whore combo..when one uses her, she lingers..people love her and on a good warm man, she smells even It depends where and who you are. I say that, "yes, she is.
Seems like you'd think Scorpio likes patchouli, but most do not..go figure that one! lol Mars ruled some of the time, Scorpio likes fresh and clean and finished..not too much dirt..

Oh, neroli seems to not ship very well right I am waiting for cooler temps before I present it in a blend again...oils can turn and when they do, it is harsh. who needs it?
me, and many others.. i love neroli with pink grapefruit, with sandalwood, jasmine and rose, it is beautiful perfume..
I want all the neroli but I am willing to wait for the best one which I will buy soon..soon my babies!
Have a wonderful day..we'll talk:)

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