Wednesday, July 2, 2014

new temptations

new temptations
spreading across the nation
our blood is in elevation
our heart filled with motivation
like mercury direct makes us see
our fears and our needs are real
chemicals exploding in to new arrangements
making our reality filled with super fine intentions made real
yea, and..."baby, it's amazing I'm in this place with la la"
skin always
and you smelling just fine

frankincense lavender fills the air
frankincense to love yourself
lavender to care, to
regret nothing
you were there

new beginnings of the same thing
only now it is something you have constructed
which can form deep roots..
do not let it slip away because you can't wait..
who are you?
What are you? What do you think is precious?

I love you!

1 comment:

  1. a wonderful soapie friend sent this, and i thought i would post it..
    enjoy, all lovers!

    Today at 8:49 AM

    new intentions.

    How to slip away to make intentions reality?

    skin against skin, hard against soft

    hard consumed by warm

    slow union the same but new rhythm

    fueled by taste, smell, motion

    escalates as mind and souls unite

    at a fevered pace willing to refuse but

    inevitably succumb

    heart against heart

    hard against soft

    hearts beating slows as

    breath returns

    you to the now

    from where you just were

    What did you whisper?

    Tell me again.

    ...and again.

    * a soap lover