Wednesday, July 16, 2014

new attractions

In soapmaking and skin care.
"I love your perfumed body smoothies."
"Because when I rub my heel on my wife's belly, it doesn't scratch her any more"
Funny man!
I had the visual, right quick!
Well good! I am glad his wife's belly is nice and smooth and so is his "heel"
I like it that couples love my work.
"you can almost eat that vanilla coconut whip", he said to me the other day when his wife wasn't there this time.
"it is nice to see you without my wife here"
ha ha haaaaa
I had known him four years now and she finally met me and we hit it off so much, she contacts me on her own now  for more butters and soap where before she was too shy.
 I know the feeling. I am super shy too..
"yes me, I like home and making things for my family and soapies. It is my best thing man!"
When I say new attractions, I mean about
what did you think I would start dating, join e harmony or
I have gone on three dates in 5 years and they were all a bore to me and time wasted..
Some say I am too picky..and I make up reason not hang with a man..not so..
If there were a nice home loving dude who loves tea and soap and doesn't bore me, he would be here fixing my mail box right last "date" wanted me to pay for lunch..I gave him a bar of soap and he was sent home..I smiled..and I thought that he was nice and I don't have enough kids!

In oils one must harness certain emotions, evoke certain feelings and seduce with beauty and rare heights..
That is the trick you see. It is never the same twice..each time though, you get better and better and then one day something goes wrong..and then you continue from that going foreward. Goes wrong as in you add too much of a bad oil that fucks up the whole dang happenes! You start over with something better!
I love oils for all these reasons..

I want sandalwood and spice enduring on my skin. I want citrus to pop at me with delight and I want an air lifting with refinement..
I want church and incense with my smokey offering to the gods not as a sacrifice but as an unfoldment of knowledge and understanding of the universe..and a glimmering reflection of what we are..I want all this...

My next wonderful soap blend with be these oils
 cedar and a shot sandalwood
It will be really nice I promise that!

Someone also asked me for a lavender lime geranium soap..
that sounds really nice and I shall being prepping for that, straight away..

I love you, have a good day!

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