Saturday, July 5, 2014

looking at soap

Soap making has become for me a very simple few tasks for me,  and there, I have a cake, a soap fancy colored sprinkles but for the herbage and syrups.
Essential oil syrups are concoctions I whip together for a soap's scent.If the is any left, I drizzle it on top.
When I look at other's nice looking  soaps, I want to want some for myself in the shower and then I want to make more. I want it to have something special. And although I like pretty soap bars, I do not want some blue thing anymore. We all used pigments once. I used to make a purple lavender soap that was so pretty!
Natural pigments, are really not so natural because of the heating process..I  think they add things to get the give me a simple chocolate cake any time over some fancy desert that is a like a tower of fluff. I need more sustancense than that what with being a stout Greek woman! Soap is food not  eat it but, it is a magical creation coming through one's hands to you and me..not some vat full of chemicals..
(that could be another rant))

Ginger lime soap sounds nice right about now so does more vanilla cacao..that one sat forever  and then bamm, everyone wants it! So strange..
Another really odd thing is that, here, in Detroit, the folk love citrus and on my web site, it is too boring for many..see, everyone loves lemongrass except us!  I like it just has a tone, yea? Just like some people. I will make as much salty citrus soap as you want. I think it is very nice soap and many have told me of it's skin therapia..I like that! "Therapia"
You know what I love sometimes? Vetiver and lemongrass together in soap. After a good hand washing, they linger nicely together. Lime there, and a few sprinkles of lemon. I have lovely green lemon oil at the moment from California that is excellent, lemony and beautiful with vetiver and lime..

This I made the first time with palmarosa and lavender now I prefer strong citrus for summer which is why this one reeks of citrus beautifully!

And how awesome is salt in soap? I know! I want it always, though, do not put it in everything.

The beer soap has been cut and being served at the moment. I can only say that it is weird and needs to age. I promise it'll be good..we just have to wait. It is crazy, though! The four drops of black pepper I put over this blend really stands I am getting frankincense and some bitterness from myrrh..myrrh says,
"yea, ooh, wipe away all that bitterness, I'll show  you what is bitter.."

Shedding bitterness from your mind helps with many things including liver and gall bladder. Bad thoughts make more acid in your gullet and that is a proven fact!
It is true, maybe that is why Myrrh oil may be for you..myrrh can show us what is and  myrrh brings in grace and poise.
" I know you get lost sometimes and do the wrong thing, been wronged.. but remember  that nothing is life and death and stop saying you are sorry.." myrrh says all these things to me.
Myrrh says, "move on, get rid of it and go. Do not get lost in your lonely world of mistrust and feelings of inadequacy because you said too much or followed the wrong crowd."
It was mercury retrograde! Of course you said too much! Now it is time to work and get focused.
This is a great time to tend to what needs done. It is time to work a little. Do some stretching and breathe, yea?

i will go tend to my plants..I will show you pictures!
I love you!

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