Wednesday, July 23, 2014


What, now we label people by the kind of sex they like?
I wonder if we will ever just be like, "oh, that is so and so, they are gardeners or money handlers and Christian or, Jewish..or god forbid, pious they are!
If god is real and I am not saying god isn't real then who made him? Why is the Catholic church so consumed with sex?  Why is Islam so strict? Why did the Catholics burn people for trying to read the bible in English? That is not nice..not even godly at all..
Why? I don't know, but it seems to me that sex is a big thing to all of their leadership who run god's work..(:))
Especially the Catholic church..they have an obsession with condoms, no gay dicks ()), unless of course it their clergy (1 in 50 being pedi) who are knee deep in lies and parables that do not fit our world.
Flocks of sheep my ass..There haven't been sheep in these parts in hundreds of years and I bet not many people can relate to the wheat one has seen wheat fields. I haven't in 45 years!

God could have at any moment prevented the suffering of humans, oppressed ones, women, babies suffering while they performed their praising rituals, begging god to adore them, wearing kingly vestments and kneeling in silent prayer..

It feels good to close your eyes, even if you do it one day a week, you close your eyes and see in your minds eye..all your churning, yearning, blue green violet thoughts..made in stars..that is breath is something special and what we are is life happening during billions and trillions of years in space and time..we are in constant movement.

But, these antiquated,mystical ideas..seriously!
Look at how the church treats people? Guess what, after they become Catholic, they are still poor and live in really buggy places with animals roaming..their day has not changed except for the promise that if they, you, behave and follow the ten commandments (an ancient Egyptian concept that moses brought with him) and have unprotected sex as much as you want,, but don't do it certain anal and no condoms!
They are obsessed with sex!

Things are what they are no matter how we try to un think them. 100 years ago we thought the universe went forever and that idea of forever was the end of our milky think about billions of those type of star colonies..cities in space but frikin big with stars and stars big ones churning out seeds for life. Silicon, calcium, silver and gold..all made in stars..uranium, platinum, bronze, all made in, burned out stars..exploding far far waway and brought here by asteroids, dark matter, dark energy, all working together..

Someone said to me,"who made the stars?"

Who made who?
You can go one with that and never be satisfied, because you want to believe in god, a being who cares about you and will save you from pain and worry and cancer..
think about the doctors who studied their asses off so that you could be "healed"..
the technology of science that went behind the scenes to develop x-rays and scanners and lazer frikin lazers..
"God gave them that ability"
they say things, people do..
Maybe they just closed their eyes and allowed the holy spirit to consume them and whoosh, a doctor is born, right?

In a book called "utliers",I read a while back, it is mentioned that mastery can be achieved through one way. practice and time. Putting in the  hours of study and thinking and trying make it not work so that yo can fix it..making it work right every time and practicing that. Competing makes you fail because you cannot win every time..someone has to loose..
solitary time alone is when you can meet you consciousness and say, "hello , my oldest and most wise friend, hello!"

I am submerged in eternal light

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