Friday, July 11, 2014

tings and happy birthday tesla yesterday

It should have been "things" but I make so many mistakes it would take weeks to fix all of them. You know I am not a literary or anything like that and you know what, I am not a genius either.
You aren't either?
Now I can say what I really think.
It is my blog after all and while I always seek to not be insulting, I will point out flaws and big mistakes.
again nothing is life and death.

Biggest news, Voyager has left our solar system and gone into interstellar space~!~
I am so dumbfounded by this and amazed and really interested in the way it all works, the mythology we create and the pride in our cults and clans are so dramatic and then, I point out about the Sun to some and they say I am a mystic!
Dude, science is so  mystical and it adds up, ever so surely!
Like the way it has taken almost 13 billion years to get where we are, where we have evolved..dude, this is  how it has happened! How can you deny this and equate creation  to such small boundaries?
How, bitch?
Yea, I get mad. I walk away. I really just shake my head and wonder when we will  believe Tesla and make a tech world which ends all earthly boundaries and wars..war is poison to the earths surface. it is like an acne breakout on one's face and hurts everything. Yes, the gun makers make money..for to kill families? ( I meant the for to)
I don't get is tribal and low and really mean!
I walk away..
I want to hide from them, all of the devils in their theater.

I do hide. By the end of the day in the world, I come home and hide and meditate and get mad at my kids for being lazy fucks and I'm lectured by them because I have a "yelly" voice they say..LOL
I will work on that! I am so passionate like one of my girls that we can't be in the same room at the same time.
She is good. My mom has taken her in our magic circle and it is good.
I am so proud of all of my children..but dang, man, do I have to tell you it is Friday morning and it is garbage day every Friday?
I will, you know! I will make you take that garbage out!

In all these ways which I  rant, I want to say, that it is good. My life is really good and after all these years, I feel like now, I am again, on a new adventure, new friends and circles created..
I am like a glowing light at the top of a tower like Tesla's tower pulling electricity from the air and being an attractive force and to some, frightening. "look in to my eyes" :)
They were afraid and called him crazy! I would have loved to be his disciple. that fucker Edison! He actually electrocuted an elephant and a horse and many other animals to make Tesla look bad in a public campaign to discredit him! They made movies of it. I cannot believe it! That fucker, Edison! All because he was an arrogant ass and  jealous! What a way to be remembered,  huh?

Tesla, was so removed from them that he walked away from Edison, but I think he is the one that burned Tesla's lab in New York.. Tesla has been quoted to say that he didn't want to waste time blaming anyone in particular..he has work to do! They laughed at him and he is the reason I can write to you right now..He was a follower of Swami Vivacananda. I have one of his books here somewhere. truth through harnessing the mind is the key to all knowledge..
Light is electricity and so is! How, how??
I mean really, wow!

I love you:) happy full moon!

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