Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Japan is still 99% all Japanese still to this day..
They have very strict policies about who gets to stay on their small island. The US is and has been too big to close off like that. Boundries are made to be broken and that goes for what is happening in the Middle East..Just stop it! Live and eat and go spend money so that you help the pulse of the world.
It is going to happen...we need to begin to live as one planet for however long we have this wonderful place in which to thrive..it could be a million years or a billion.
I am awed about what is happening in Texas because I felt t heir plight in  Central America. I did!
When I went through Honduras coming home from Costa Rica, I saw many things..
Honduras and El Salvadore were the worst. Nicragua, bad..In El Salvadore, the military searched everyone individually and even their pockets with dogs..they want to find drugs because they know they will. they found drugs and we got a new porter that very day and only after 24 hours of interogation. Yes, I was scared. For some reason and... but for the grace of divine god within, they loved us.
Honduras is dessolate and dirty, I saw nothing good there. El Salvadore is a beautiful place..just lovely..mountains, volcanoes...
I could feel the lonely hunger in Guatemala and many people got on the bus there for the trip as far north as they could get..one by one they were pulled by the Mexican police..

I really feel for the people who made the treck upwards and not in an air conditioned bus..they really travelled a long way and many on the back of trucks, babies sent alone..really?.They are hungry and willing to do anything for a better life with toilets and running water and infrastructure..
We cannot turn our backs on them now, right? One must consider some sort of dialog with these countrie's leadership. Also, besides bananas and papayas, there are hurdles to jump when it comes to setting up an economy in the small villages where pigs just roam around like pets, no windows and those small lizzards everywhere..
Those litlle beasts! It is like they had personalities..I hated them!

I have been reading comments in the news about this topic and let me just say that I am more astounded everyday about how we think..
someone wants to go there and shoot them all!
that is just dumb and cruel.

Can we really seal every nook and cranny in Texas?
What do I know?
I just feel bad that this is happening and that such a large group of people are suffering like this.
it is a rare thing to witness human events of this magnitude. I hope we all do the right thing always.

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