Monday, July 28, 2014

speaking of neanderthals

Ancient man never rested much. I can tell you that. they were constantly busy making things for tomorrow. better spears, better fire coals with harder woods and since birch is one of the oldest species of trees in Europe,  that is why they used  barks and woods with what they had handy.
When I came here from the village in Greece, my mom still made her own brooms, aspic in winter and sausages in January to make it a few more months. She has a microwave and never uses it except to decorate it with some lacy thing with a statue of some cute thing and hearts on top of
she covers everything with lace,  my mom does.
We never do any of those things any more.Not the lacy stuff, that is just momma being a Pisces woman.

If you had to slaughter your own pig, you'd probably freak out and not even eat it. so far removed we are to the survival of our kind. When is the last time you thought about where an egg comes from or the truck fulls of limestone The United States harvests from The Earth so that they can fortify everything with Calcium? Even milk, they add more limestone powder disguised as calcium carbonate, more than any other nation! Call it what it is, dammit! Limestone powder!
If you had to get your own milk from your own cow, you would not drink as much. you'd make cheese, for sure..I know I would. There are some dang good cheeses in the world, yes?? Love!

There is a bunny in my yard. I think he lives here and eats my garden goods so he is organic..I thought about killing him for dinner and how that would feel..I have certainly  eaten my share of beef and chicken in my day.
I guess I am not that hungry, because I do not really want to kill the bunny. He is so cute. He is eating my plants though..most of the small  baby ones. He is saving the lettuce for another day I guess because I have managed to save a small clump.  Poor bunny, he is food for everything.
And even if he were gone from here, there is no guarantee that the garden wouldn't suffer. We had such a big storm yesterday, all the corn fell and I lost one sunflower. I was sad, I still am because it is too wet to go out there and see the real damage done. I had some sort of epiphany about the loss..if I want corn, it is down the street, and if I want heirloom tomatoes, I think I planted enough plants to make sure that happens. I  should get at least 8 tomatoes..88 would be nice..but I think I lost the corn..

Have a good day..
Mars entered Scorpio and Jupiter is in Leo..
You have Pluto and Uranus working things out
Lets bring art, more money for art and do art things and then when the day is done, rest, talk and watch a good show!
Derek..wonderful, kind, touching, and funny as pigs in mud..Every episode makes you cry. Ricky Gervais, what a funny and not funny guy he is!

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