Saturday, July 19, 2014

the wars the planes and why religion must die and not people

Mars in Libra, yes?
This horrid way in which we treat other humans on earth? That must change my friends. We must finally see what is happening in the name of some spiritual leader who never actually shows up! Be real for once and stop loving hatred. Your god, tortured his boy and then blamed it on you...he is a killer and he is mean and you made him that way..
Look at them chanting with signs..
Look at all of their religious stupidity and faith in a divine being who does not  care because he isn't there..he isn't yaweh, or thor or jehova, or theos or zues..he isn' it isn't! Your momma cares for you and me, I do..who else can you actually say loves you? Round them up and say "hello, what are you growing this week?"
Do you think that now, their god will show them the way? these militant troublemakers?
Which one? Which uneducated and closed minded fear mongering hateful punishing killing blowing up 300 hundred people and children on a beach fucking god should be followed this way???
Be pissed my friends but stand back, because some of these nations won't be happy until they kill every Palestinian of Jew or now

I am a little scared. It could happen to anyone. One day you are just doing your job, making dinner or talking to your kin and bamm, some fuk has killed a whole family.."dude!"
How is it ok for Israel to do this?
We could bring all the Palestinians here, there is plenty of space.
maybe they will come..we should think about that. I live in Livonia which is between a huge Jewish community  the biggest Arab community in the US! Guess what? They do not blow each other up. Everyone lives and works together just fine. they live and work within ten miles of one another.
Why? Because here in the United States, we do not blow each other up. people want peace and they go to college and learn physics and math. How come they cannot do that there? Is it water rights? Is it claim to a god? is it lingering hatred because of God? Is it gold, or silver or is it the oil? What? How do they all think it is ok to bomb each other?

When we use up all the natural gas and prehistoric plants refined with lethal toxic metals, and computers soak energy from the sun for us, people will finally come out of the dark ages.But first, we must understand science..a little bit and then more and stop trusting this god. make a new one which gives you boons and fertile grounds.

Russia right now is bad, bad, bad. The Plane was 200 miles away and they shot it down.. I wonder how that could have happened on purpose?? twice to same air line??
There is a reason why people want to   leave  a country and form their own laws and do not want to be near you. You suck!
Nations should be run intelligently with real fairness for all and not some militant regime. that is always oppressive!
Seems to be that  there may be some incompetent soldiers on their staffs because they make foolish errors..this last one being a doozy. If it was not a mistake, they suck more and let me say that right now, they suck a whole lot!
Remember Chernobyl? That is place, a ghost town now with toxic air still lingering invisibly over every thing because someone forgot to check the list..They all has to leave their homes because of some dummies mistakes dealing dangerous toxic elements. that poison humans!

Now imagine solar collectors instead of refineries..
I think that when we do things like this, everyone can still breathe the air for a while longer and it may mean conserving ones time and turning things off..but I do not think we will have to do that.   and people will have new jobs and we all get food and money. It is a the real blessing. The real way that we make money. All of us not some politician's glory or made up lord who will bless us in another life, not now and even  at any moment subject to change his mind? that is dumb..I will shed all fear because I do the right thing always.

When we start learning about science and its real magic, we take responsibility for our actions and while we will admire sacred symbols of the divine we will marvel at the little computers in our own bodies which have memories..our cells, our DNA, which shows where we came from. It is bigger than any country. wow..


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