Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July and the Sun In Cancer

It is time to make a scrub, daughter's birthday and to ponder on life..
The Sun in Cancer brings a bunch of family issues to the surface now and some really pride full people may get pissed off about some prideful attachment they have and then wonder why they are so unhappy.
( yea well if you sit in a chair all day watching cnn and complaining how everyone dissapointed you all your life, they will not even talk to you anymore))
Cancer energies have always been interesting..some lower vibes may be dweling in the negative past which you are continually feeding..
so needs and having them fulfilled
excited and giving all day
remnants of Gemini 12th house which means someone has lied or been tempted by the fruit of another
it wanes and soon you are back to reality which is learning to be who you are.
promise of Leo sun, brigs forth grandeur and beauty. You are so juicy  good at the moment and your creativity soars..your animal nature
ready to strike..not yet

the energy is waiting and lusting for some, yes..I see things here and there.
lazy young uns comes to mind
the older ones not penetrating anything if they are doing too many things at once..
you cannot set up roots with that much distance between you and your little bit of dirt..
scattered ideas
wanting them all
learning to be real and even disappointed by life
don't be sad be glad you have a clean tidy bed and some vittles that taste so good every time!

Is life suffering..
if you walk around being a dick all day and start fights over your church..or your country, or your team..
God is not a club, yo..be real inside with the man or woman you relate with, your wonderful mate and choose one thing for a while or people will stop relying on you..

take my words which come from my intuition heart
I open myself to divine knowledge which is us and we are god
I know this so much I want to burst  it so everyone can know the glorious feelings when you see even for a split second what we are a part of and it is all in our 3 pound brain!
be one with me now and lets think how grand we are, how smart and how funny and devoted to honesty.

dangy dangy dangy dangy diggy diggy

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