Thursday, July 10, 2014

crazy full moon happenings

Look at this..there are good things happening all the time all day and things slowly but surely become whey are destined to be..
the best things happen easily if you just feet the roots and let the sun shine up on you and your life.

I will say that dealing with authorities sucks rights now because either you have a  bossy boss or one who is not there.
You must try to keep it together and not freak out.
yes a little freak out is normal and you should not apologise for getting mad at some stupid people.
they suck, so?
it isn't as if we are not used to it..look to the bright and happy friends and works mates you have..and if you disagree with someone you love you do not have to burn bridges..just be honest and do not cry when you explain what you want..
I cry a little too..not as much as I used to.
It is a great time to atone to your own heart, for yourself and see things as they are.
Is it time to move on? For some, yes!
Make a war in Israel? (WTF people, the Israelis and the other guys, WTF??))
Fast for Ramadan for 30 days?
("oye, god has so many rules so he can love you enough", I said to one of my beloved workmates..
"he always take care of us so I fast for him")
he is so noble that boy is and he loves his family too and he always greets me kindly..
what do I care if he is fasting, I will give him a few green drinks for when he can eat..

I remember fasting as a child. My mother had strict rules about what we could eat. no meat, no dairy..
It was the only time we ate healthy with out fried food and meat on our plates all the time. She would make these fried chicharones only in northern Greece they are guberinki..when we fasted we could not have any eggs, meat or  butter on our homemade bread.
My mom would make vegetarian foods beautifully.
Oh  one thing here in this memory..
because the men needed more substance god made a special exception so that the men did not have to fast and could have all the foods because they were men and more equal in the eyes of that culture..and the church so they could still take communion?
ha ha
I do have a point...
we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others.
Full moon in Capricorn tells me this and more..but I am out of time this morn!
have a great day
be humble
eat good food
and fakin' smile
everything is fine:)
let them lead what they want to lead
you are serene and focused, eyes wide open

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