Wednesday, July 30, 2014

go daddy

Really, I wasted 25 dollars in 2010 and cancelled my account with them and they try to charge me through paypal as an automatic renewal! No!
Paypal was so lovely and helpful and denied the charge and cancelled whatever pathway go daddy found to access a brand new account I had set up two years ago, way after I had cancelled my thing with them. I just never did use it..etsy seems more than enough for me.
Really, go daddy?
You can just go!

Can it be that corporations that exist only in cyber space have little creepy wormholes to get in and get you and  take a bite..a small bite and you just do not notice 25 dollars here or there.
The Moon in Virgo is good for intolerance of stupid things, wasteful things and when it comes to money management, Virgo vibes bring the best energy for saving and being wise  with  fundage. You have to!

Now Leo boy, please, calm down. You seem to think that there is a sort of  life menu that you need to follow and that you should have more than you do and that you should not be working with lower (in your eyes) people.
first, no one is lower..
second, do your as usual, great job,
third, don't be a twat:) everything is fine.
who cares if you do not have that perfect set up and more is coming. It always comes.

Sagg, honey..Mars in Scorpio, transiting the twelfth house is about knowing the enemy does so too exist. You have some people who kind of see you as a negative and spewing opinionated uneducated claims..
it is about you opening up to new ways
and understanding this;
people get mad if you say things and just because they get mad doesn't mean your words are not true, they are or aren't..but in the out there world, and in the words of Sting.."if it's a mirror you want, look into my eyes, or a whipping boy, someone to despise.."
you are really frustrated and angry at misshapes in life. maybe just do your own job and do not worry and yes, there are enemies a foot. of course, they can be stomped right quick, remember it is the year of the horse and you are part horse, part open mind thinker. Choose your words wisely. At times you wont..people get hurt for others and want things that are not real. If you say what is real, they get mad. What good does that do? All I can say is do not be one of those angry dark people who walk in a room and suck the air right forget your own power.

"when you walked in the air went out
and every shadow filled up with doubt...."
theme song from true blood, :))

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