Monday, July 21, 2014

kids and everyone else

"mom, blah blah, had to stay here this weekend because her mom went away and she was stranded at her house alone."
They make up stories. I let the chick stay here but wonder at the mother who went away..They will say any reason to stay here, I know, and then leave mad, right?
I love my house too:)
After the girl left, I talked with my boy. I told him that  these long visits have to be kept to  rare events and not every weekend.
He is an interesting child. very smart and doesn't need others to entertain him. They are all so cute with the hair long. They have socratic discussions and their evenings are spent talking about math equations and the theory of relativity and how complex it is.
"Is the universe mathematics? One of them asked.  "And if we invented mathematics did we invent the universe?" "no, we discovered the universe, it was always there but we made a system of measuring its particles.."
"yes, like the fact that light is both a particle and a wave"
"what do you mean?"
 "Does the particle travel zig zag?"
"no...meow, is both an particle and a wave...meow, meow...

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