Friday, July 4, 2014

happy fourth


This equals 12 every year..
I like every one's three day week end, I do not like the fire works and things blowing up all day!
I get it, you love freedom although I doubt many of us would fight like those people did to survive..

 You are happy..three days off, no rat race (he, rat)) nothing but a few beers and some meat!

I do not enjoy the two weeks of fire works before this event..I get it, freedom, but I do not want all the smoke and poison lingering in the air and making me a little sick breathing sulfur and red colors to make a statement in the sky.
enough already!
Believe me when I tell you and no matter what religious order you belong to or which land you live on, you are not free. jesus cannot even set you free when you get blasted by the sun on the day it goes red giant on us..
No, you aren't. If you won't let an other's  cows feed on grass that isn't yours, you are not free..if you pray every day and we get hit by an asteroid, you are not free, we are all together here and now, I am glad we are, I am!
Being proud of where you live is wonderful..

Go out there right now.(it's 6 am here) and take a look at your place. Does it have that pretty inviting clean look? Clean air and good health  is freedom too! If not, take some time to make some order of it all. We should go back and  celebrate the way people did in the old days. dancing and eating and laughing and glorious flowers in our hair..
I love nice clean things.
If we consider astrology here and I seem to automatically consider the planets and where they are and what kind of geometric placements they are in..
if we look at them, we see patterns. I love Mars in Libra and every couple years when it hits like it has for just about  this whole year so far, I drive myself hard and then crash for a few hours! I work hard and then do nothing!
Did you know that sleep makes you smarter?
Science has linked a few things together in the last few years. we are getting smarter if we are smart and rest properly. Sleeping makes you smarter because your brain needs it so it can work on some other things that are necessary without you distracting it..him..this mind control center in us!

sun and jupiter are both in cancer
squaring mars and the moon in libra
with mars and the moon trine mercury and venus

Jupiter Sun
for some good food and good sun
cleaning up your den and the flowers all delight
hollyhock and roses
in colors of pink and white
pink to bring love in the room
white to bring clarity and reflect light

Mars and moon bring skills inside and out
skills that repair left over plights
do not try to remember the past
look forward to the here and now
your beautiful dress
and your skin and hair shining with great health
sandalwood and  jasmine on your heart center
 lustful words
from other worlds

**seduction always comes with mars transits..don't ask me..I say things, is all!
**venus here makes for always having enough and living the "good life"
what is the good life?
having what you want and need, cup overflowing and all that goodness!

~ I will list my best things, you list yours~

Having Internet, awesome telly, netflix and HBOGo..

great bed with clean sheets and fluffy perfect weight blanket
awesome food
olive oil
coconut oil
shea butter
lavender spray for my bed each night so I can sleep better
nice place to live
nice neighbors
my mom
and dad
my children
they are all nice
did I say my mom?
Tonie my beloved friend
who always accepts me as I am
my garden wild like my mind
walking dead
game of thrones
binging on True Blood at the moment (don't judge me))
my new love of handcrafted beer ( 1/2 cup now and again)

Let us just say this..I feel very happy and content with myself at the moment
I have no enemies
I am a friend to all
that is  something to for sure be grateful for and reflects freedom inside and out..
I love you
have a great day..

come see me at the my store today, if you are local..I am sampling a ton of things from our back stock because of inventory..I am cleaning house honey.there are a ton of shampoo samples and they must get out of my sight so I can count right!

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