Wednesday, July 9, 2014

mars and me

I have been on a binge of true blood..mostly this show is about vampires, ware wolves, even witches, I hear.. fairies, not yet)), sex, gay sex, animal sex and vamps on the scale of monsters being the most elite, and sookie. The girl.."sookehhh"
I like it, it is violent and rawwrr which is just what I need right now without having to leave my amazing home. I just love it in here. I have the whole run of the house, the garden and it is a slice of heaven..I hope you are also having a nice Julahhhh..
What was dumb? So much, like equating Dionysus with Satan basically. I am sure ancient Greeks or pre Greeks had work to do and created a myth, a story about wine and too much fun and now look at  our mythology, all swords and fighting, meanwhile the real evil lurks in companies that run the world..Monsanto and their kind, have dumped so much poison on earth that it will have left a layer in our rock to be seen  in a billion years as a civilization that went too far..

Here, it is about 65 at night, chilly and 75 during the! This is most likely one of the best summers I have had in quite a while.
I hope this for you..and just because  I say this  that does not mean I do not deal with family issues and their junk every day.
The Greeks, work, the boys, my daughters,  the mailbox which is still not fixed!!
" is the remote?"

So, we are at a week of creating some sort of purpose, yes?                                                                               The Full Moon in Capricorn is sneaking up on us.
12th house issues, dreams, secrets, lies, fear of the truth, fear of science and what it is what it means..
"the thing about science, is that it is true whether you believe it or not"
Neil deGrass Tyson

I love that..otherwise how are we going to get to Mars when our Sun goes red giant in a billion years, or less, wtf do I know?
I know it will about climate change then..sir!
Usually before the full moon, reality comes in to focus. Knowledge new brain cells to accommodate the space taken..that means giving not worry about others and what they are one with your art and be kind. You do not have to expose every thought.
You may be working on a project and yourself.
Great time to do yoga, think, and do not speak. Do not let bad thoughts fester, this can happen because you insist on outcomes which even if you are right, you may have pushed your opinion too far the wrong way by yelling or blurting out insults..this is no way to behave, my sweet..we have all learned that the hard way.
I wish we could all  enjoy one another and stop bragging all day..we do. we brag..we want to be great and be adored..for Libra..Summer is a perfect time to NOT be a rock star. Every one else? Let us work on our health, bitches.
Be grateful for the moon, she helps us change and weave our daily lives through emotion and flowing ideas..I love her like my mom, my friend, myself..and you! We are one..I know this, now, here and now, my thoughts travel through space and time and we join in joy, health, good food for all, plenty of money and open heart to the best things!!

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