Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mercury goes direct

will it make us emotional and yet submissive to what needs done?
stir up our lives a bit?
make us drive everywhere?
and will we talk a whole lot about ourselves?



What, are we gonna lay around and be tired all day just because it is 90 degrees out there?
Last night, it stormed so bad here, all the plants are down, sagging like a bitch's tit..lol
should I go out there?
No way..it is way buggy, thick with mosquitoes. I am already so scratched up from working out there that people are always shocked and ask if I had been attacked by my cat.."no, I was trimming trees in my jungle of a yard"
"what, do you people have people that do that for you?" I think this to myself and wish I could go to a tienda and just buy a machete..I really want one lately! No, not to chop stupid peoples heads off, to use  in situations where a long knife, sword, chops things out there without me having to crawl deep in the shrubbery.

speaking of tits and bitches

( all aspects of kali, the one who will fuck you up if you piss her off)

adored one
(I want to  be adored)

the thing is..having kali power gets you nothing but burned bridges..having venus power gives the good life..yes there needs to be death, for sure..but dwelling there, makes for some mighty rough kinds of arangements..besides, it is hard work to be pissed off all the time and kali lives in the volcano!
It is horrible there, no internet no smoothies by the telly! lol

Don't even think forgiveness, think future now..
some say forgiveness doesn't exist, because you change your mind as you go..and..can't really remember too far back..try it.

You know, there are people you cannot allow back in your life. they suck, yo! they are for sure to be released and gotten away from!
Good for you, babe! What does forgiving do? Makes us more humble to God?
bad is bad, run away from danger! Good work is good work..there is no gray area there..forgiveness is made by men so that they can seem good.
here is how it should be..
do the right thing always so that you never have to lie about  what you said or did..

If there is any message with mercury retrograde, it is that delays are inevitable and that now,  today, the delays will be less. We have made adjustments in the last month and worked with our limitations..
yes, we have!
we are so smart!

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