Thursday, July 17, 2014

the scorpionic rock star perfume

I think it should be a straight up perfume oil. I don't think you can see the real beauty of the oak moss in a cream as much as what it does to the perfume..
Oakmoss is stunning. I have been working with it for many years now.
When I first took a whiff, I was like, wtf is this?
Too sharp, like a really deep concentration of wet green and then dry.
To really understand oakmoss , it would take many years.
And what a journey it has been so far..
In this wonderful blend, I feel like the oakmoss just gets lost in fluff. The true base is so exceptionally distinct.
The study here has been fabulous starting with three oils and mixing them with some other lovely helpers. I am going for deep and good here and if I may be so bold, an old whore version of the male aspect..
three oils
the sandalwood the patchouli and the frankincense over oak moss over myrrh to shed bitterness and labdanum and  rose to accept goodness and be gracious.
oakmoss then a drop rose (one)
shake and wait
add the oakmoss (a little at a time)
(the oakmoss absolute is a dark condensed paste here in a 24 time period of dilution in organic cranberry seed oil here to allow the oakmoss to do what it does))
Is the old whore a chypre blend? Yes!
Is the scorpionic rock star a chypre blend?
it is the right balance of labdanum oakmoss to what ever you add it to which makes a chypre become whatever it will..lavender and patchouli, you have a woodsy bright summer time feeling, piny with the resinous frankincense coming out..if you go the way of the old  whore, you have to be around a while and be a master as this but also have more jasmine and rose handy..because deep down the old whore is comfort and meaning and deep satisfaction ..that is rose oil to me all day..deep and really confident satisfaction.

If you  put too much labdanum you get that weird sweet..too much oakmoss and you are in a rare place.
Not that I would mind.

I love to read about  other's perfumes and what they cherish in their blends. of course, one would lean certain ways. I find that all of the botanical perfumers seem to have an oakmossy blend or two.
I must know more about chypre perfumes!

this is my blend of the day
2 ounces really nice body oil
3 drops frankincense
3 drops sandalwood
3 drops patchouli
1 drop rose
1 drop petitgrain
1 drop oakmoss
1 drop labdanum
(do you want to add a drop lavender to this or some geranium and a shot vetiver?)) You could..
mix this in any carrier and smell really good.

Basic body oil which you will enrich is easy to make..Now a days you can choose from many great skin oils at the the health..get organic.
I love organic grape seed oil with the organic cranberry and tomato seed oil blend I put in everything because I feel like it heals me right..I love og jojoba as a stabilizer and I love organic sesame oil. Not too much!
I had this green tea oil last year that was wonderful but the Japanese store closed and now I can not find it again!
What do you expect, they charged 8 dollars for eggs!)
I am like who shops here?
Oh well. we move on and we try new oils..we do that. By the way,  I love organic  baobab oil and I love you!

Have a good day!

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