Thursday, July 24, 2014

what is happening in the stars

Indeed, tempers are flaring and people are talking and then yelling and then fighting and then being crazed with blood. What do you expect when about a thousand people died in 6 weeks time on Earth? People feel the vibe, it is big sad energy..let us be free from worry now and love one another washing with good soap and rubbing down with perfumed unguents and forgiving our traspasors.
Simmah down now my is just that zappy Uranus triggering violent thoughts and inconsolable behaviors.
Be calm and state your purpose early on because people will not want to do what needs done and then blame you for not doing it..
the fuks!
I am stepping back and learning tolerance from a dear work mate who is always so poised when in the spot light..behind the scenes, is another story..but I bet not one of us is completely at peace about everything.

I spent a good deal of time with a wealthy older man on a consult about food and what do take to help his memory. he loves me for my mind he said..:)..He is older, his memory is fading just like my athletic awesome figure is now a little is what it is.I cannot run a quick 5 miles anymore. It bothers me for a split second and I forget about it..I am now what I am and when my memory fails me, I back track and check myself and my habbits and I take DHA. I love it..I also eat a little coconut oil every day. I do not know, but, I feel like think and I look better and my skin is never dry.Organic coconut oil is just a gift to us..real ambrosia!
Aging sucks. I had one of my regulars come in too,  who always wears a chef coat and I do not think she is a working chef because her nails are perfect..she cried..
I am like, "what is up, babe?"
"I have cancer and I don't want to die!"
"Babe, we are all gonna die, you must focus on now.."
"Ok, what should I take for my fatty liver?"
Oye, with the fatty liver! How come they wait until they are dying to eat better and stop  drinking wine all day? lol
"I want you to eat cilantro every day chopped up with tomato and lemon and salt and maybe some onion",
I said to her.
"I know how to make it.  I will."

Some day we all will take out last breath..things live and die, the trick is to not die suffering with a fatty liver and swollen testicles, yes?
Cilantro is one of the best things for some, yo!

The violence in the streets must be reckoned with by not being in the streets as much as you can. in your home you can rest and be one with  yourself and not have to justify your beliefs. It is ridiculous this oppression!
Of course, I rant about it!
That whole bullshit in one on the news has even dared to comment about the religious zealotry and how destructive it is..I sweat to you, it is unfathomable to me this type of human abuse toward one another.
Put superstition and religion away and you will see all the worlds problems disappear..and people will be forced to be self realized and our civilization will be remembered with a little pity because we took so long to understand the real truth..
Not us though! Right?
Every day we review our thoughts, review our behaviors and our activities and who we run with..I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful group of people, really!

I love you..

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