Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 new balms for emotional effects

For creativity and strength

I am in awe, everyday of labdanum and I must say, my new batch is as good as the last one..
The scent of labdanum on its own is sweet, musky, tender, floral, piny and sacred smelling. It blends beautifully with just about anything and adds a soft mellowing to any sharp blends.
I love labdanum with any resinous oil. Myrrh, frankincense, benzoin..oohh, too sweet with benzoin..just a drop then of benzoin:)
here are two new balms I am posting this weekend at eleneetha's place..a k a

Creative Flow bindi and balm
a lovely brew with mastic gum melted slowly with frankincense tears and organic extra virgin olive oil.
Slow brew here and all day event of gently keeping these oils warm and melted along with local bees wax.
When sufficiently satisfied with the brewing process, I then add the essential oils and allow for a gentle tempering process before pouring  in to jars.
I add;
benzoin (one drop) per four ounces of balm
star anise (one to three drops to get the creative juices flowing)

temper for 30 minutes and gently pour into jars..

I have not added measurements because I usually make enough for about 8 jars but if you  want to make a balm only for yourself you would use about 1/6 ounce beeswax
3 or four ounces olive oil
30 drops frankincense oil
1/4 teaspoon of labdanum absolute  paste
and one or two drops clove oil
one drop benzoin and one drop star anise

Labdanum is a beautiful material (albeit messy)
it strengthens the chi, makes for a lovely relaxing tonic and is actually noted in some medical journals for its healing properties to immune system. On Cyprus, it is used as medicine for many ailments of the body.

Labdanum Strength Brew
Again with beeswax slowly melted along with labdanum and a few nuggets of frankincense tears..this is brewed over a long period of infusion, slowly and gently in a water bath, a double boiler. sort of thing..

add the oils
labdanum ( more)
templin fir cone
star anise (one drop)

I find that once in a while I need me a balm. Put some on your feet, now close your eyes and think giood things..

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