Sunday, July 13, 2014

violence not torture

I love violence. I love martial arts but when it comes to inflicting pain, I am not in to that. I reel a  little and step away.I was never a good fighter in class. I had heart though! I tried hard!
Not to say that I haven't gone after them kids (my kids) back in the day. I haven't  'gone after them" in a long long time. Mostly because they are all big now.
But man, when one of them thought she was depressed, I got on her so bad. I said, "the women in our family do not have time for that shit and if you harbor any thoughts of cutting to rebel against some bad thing, I will come after you again, hear me missus?"
"Don't be dumb", I said!
Now you know I am smart enough to see if someone is really needing a doctor and medicinal assistance but no, we are not going there with the coping with life drugs!

Raising kids is hard. Many in Livonia are on many drugs..for being sad, angry, too name it!
I bring this up because a well known client was raised on a cocktail of 15 drugs, by her mom, to fight depression and bad behavior.
Now this catholic, zealot of a mother, has one her other kids on the same cocktail!
 These people are zombies for real!
My client, she stopped all the drugs and eats really clean food, no sugar and no gluten. She is a bit of a fanatic but at least she feels human and in control again.
Beautiful girl. I have met the mother..she is sweet and she is dumb. On that particular day, it was the 40 days of Jesus walking on the earth after he died..I wonder if they gave him prozac to get over the insane way in which  he like millions had been tortured..Jesus, for making claims and the others, for many many reasons..mostly they could..

I didn't engage with her, I wouldn't. Her mind is closed off from anything but her dream bubble.
My client and I talk all the time about this..

Jesus and many others were tortured and killed for being religious zealots and talking about "one god" by many Roman leaders for hundreds of years and then, in the year 312, Constantine, a Roman, converted to Christianity and began to torture all the pagans who would not accept the Christians..and on and on...

My goodness, I am so glad, I am smart..and funny..and a great soapmaker?