Monday, July 14, 2014

Juniper Frankincense Honey Cakes

Just so good!
I took ground organic juniper berries and ground them more with wild lavender honey in its original cone state and I mixed them with organic cranberry seed oil and ground them up nice so that  nothing scratches..
and then I  made soap
with cold pressed organic coconut oil
delicious fruity olive oil
frankincense, templin fir, Siberian fir, frankincense heart wood oil, nagarmotha, a shot of lavender and a shot smooth and mellow vetiver..
right away the honey notes came through but the frankincense dominates in  every way because i used so much of it..I am heavy handed when I get a big bottle of some oil I love!
This soap will age just beautifully too. In a year or so, it will still be better than now...and now is really good!

If you love deep woodsy scents, this is not a soap to pass up. I made 8, and I hope you get one!

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