Thursday, July 3, 2014


did you love my poem? No it wasn't about sex! And then it was yea? Don't worry, I am not out prouling for a man! It was a very sexy day, yeaterday for everyone I met with.
Everyone I love  thinks it is about them..all my pals, people at work and other soapies think I write about them..
it is sometimes me and them..all is me and you!
This whole last week  has been quite electric, yes?
I  want to tell you of the palo santo soap I had been obsessing about but the beer made it a very sticky soft nugget that must age before I can even cut or talk about it!
Waiting..I am freaking out because I want to cut it and smell it.

A long time ago, I read a book called, Waiting..
The story  about a man who did not love his traditional Chinese wife with her tiny deformed feet and quiet submissive nature. he wanted to marry his comrade at work..another doctor like him. A "normal" footed woman..
It took years for him to be able to construct paperwork to be signed by his leadership as this was during the cultural revolution in cannot divorce until they say comrades and she, his wife, must fully agree.
Meanwhile many many years later he finally marries the modern woman and she turns out to be selfish, spoiled and ungrateful all the time now that he is living with her..he finds out that during all the torrid wanting to make things different, his wife was continuing to master her techniques and her art..he began to see her as a lovely poised woman..who could paint and write and cook. he would make occasional trips to see her and his daughter which they had together..he would try to convince her to sign the papers and grant him a divorce.
he began to look forward to her spring onion pancakes which were simple and exquisite in flavor..On the train he would imagine their deliciousness all the way and she would serve him quietly..
as he got older, he realized that he had been waiting his whole life to change it and after he did, it wanted to cherish what he should have had all along..actually he always had that..his wife never flinched, never bothered to fight him..nothing changed for her..she still lived in the country, near her momma most likely.. He would come every summer to ask for a divorce and she would agree and then back out..she was bound to her traditions.. He, to his political  job in the big city. And yet,  married not married, she was in the same room at the end of the day, tending to what needs done and doing that with grace and poise..

Why am I talking about this book now?
The spring onion pancakes!
Omg the way the onions are cooked with the ginger and then the eggs thin and fluffy at the same time!
You eat that with a fluffy steamed dumplings and some home brewed soy sauce and a cup of strong black tea..
I still think about this now and it would have  tasted cooked in a wok over an open fire made of wood only grown there..maybe it was cherry wood.

I love you
thank you

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