Sunday, July 27, 2014

waiting for balms?

They aren't finished. I wanted to finish them on Saturday, but, I decided to wait because I want to add something called burgundy pitch..from northern European spruce trees.
I am so enamored by the sounds and colors of  ideas in my head, they explode with wonder of how it will be..smokey? Smelling of meted dirt mixed with sap? We will see or should I say, we'll smell and reckon with what it is..
Pitch is one of the oldest manufactured substances by humans..we can go back thousands years ago, when the Neanderthal man used this as glue to keep their Spears strong.
Basically pitch is a tar like substance produced when melting the bark of certain trees that carry a lot of sap.
Birch is one of the oldest and I am sure the one from spruce smells amazing. It is described as forrest, fruity and balsamic. It is clean too. They can melt bark really easily I am sure, this one comes from France so I bought an ounce..what if it is good and real..
If not, I am sure I can easily make my own. It sounds pretty simple.
 You make a fire pit and put a vessel as a collector and then surround the vessel with the bark of birch or spruce. You then, bury it with dirt being careful to layer the dirt over the material so that none of the fire above really burns the material. You keep it hot for 24 hours and then let it cool.
 At the finish you will have collected a sappy, glue like resin compound.
I can't hardly wait to smell this. If it is fake, I will tell you and proceed with my original plan to make the balm the way it is now with out bergundy pitch..

what do you think of the forest blends? I love them. So clearing they are! I know this much. I love frankincense, all of them, I want frankincense and forest and fruity. I do!
I find strength and purpose when I stand under a pine grove on a hill. I have peace and I have inner thoughts coming together in to focus of what I am and who I work for and what I serve. I am..the answer. It  is myself and me who choose the reactions.  It should be for you too. That does mean not stepping on toes and being a bitch all day. It means being tolerant and waiting. It does not mean reacting before thinking.
It means not talking. Not saying a word. Not judging anyone but yourself.
Take time now to thank your day already, so nice and cool here, so lovely, mommas!!

I love you all so much for coming over to my blog and allowing me this wonderful indulgence.

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