Sunday, July 20, 2014

simmah down

  A very sweet Jewish and Russian friend told me that Israel is justified in this war because the Palestinians are constant bombing them. (she got a little defensive) hey man, I am not attacking you because you are Jewish or Russian or Palestinian! I could care less about the ridiculous ideas of man's self aggrandisement with himself about who is more cherished and more right. I love all things Eastern European!  I have Israeli friends who left all of that. There are huge colonies in Costa Rica where many have fled, so that they can live in peace and raise their family away from bombs!
No they are not justified to shoot and kill and not on either side of some stupid border!
My friend said that some of these nations put their bombs beneath hospitals and schools so that when Israel or the Us bombs them, they get blamed for killing children. that true?
 Any educated and reasonable human knows that this is not only the worst thing is is anti human to sacrifice your own kids to prove a point..which you do not even have enough brains to explain.. No one is ok to go and bomb another place. Grow up! There has been enough sacrifice for goodness sake!
Just leave each other alone, there is one thought. The other one is that countries that are militant and back wards need to step up with the program. No more violence. Unacceptable..It is no way to raise a family. Your family.
Focus on art, music, laughter and wonderment of space and time..

I wish to stress how strongly I ( I, me)) feel about this and to spread the word, about raising children who are thoughtful and educated. reading, learning and doing good for real.

don't be mad, be pro active from you own home first. tell your children, tell your mom, that we are just all sitting here on this rock
you are not special
no you are not
you keep thinking like that and your brain will rot
and then in no time
you have become something that time has long forgot
you so much better when
choosing goodness and tolerance over force
choosing smiling and forgiveness over blood and guts
Take off that smug uniform and be nice
just simmah down, now..take some tumeric

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