Monday, July 14, 2014

my scorpio tenth and mars in my fifth house

My tenth  house is Libra/ Scorpio  with Scorpio dominating..I have Venus in the ninth trine mars in my fifth house..I am fun and loving and funny too...right? lol
yes yes love of learning when Venus is in the ninth. meeting foreign types and weirdos..I get all of that.
career and the home front..always dramatic and always busy especially if you have planets following any house..for example
I have mercury Jupiter Neptune in Scorpio in my 10th house..
deep thinking, art, expression through voice or words..
Venus in Libra, in the 9th house of higher education, travel, schooling and policies...

Nothing in my fourth  however, Mars is is Gemini in my 5th house and easily trining all of my  Venus  in the tninth  stuff, like,  knowledge, higher life forms, knowing consciousness or learning more about it..looking deeply, nothing is as it seems.. 

I find that I am getting really smarter as I get older too!
My most precious gift  (Mars trine to Venus))astrologically and not by himself but carried behind the scenes  by the spectacular power going with my Scorpio tenth house intensity which  is always pushing the bariers....

Mars in the fifth is about making work your fun, art, creative children, being like a child, dancing, singing, turning, stomping like a 12 year old.... and since it is trine my sun and north node in Libra, I am able to harness the energy flow..because as you know, you stay  in your Scorpio Sector too long and you get dark fast..a dark dank corner where you think you need to hide from all of them out there. 
well,, no, you can't..when you are too alone, people try to step on need to waste any venom on them..although some overbearing types may get some needed  lessons. 

You know I love Scorpio and I love Gemini because I must love those aspects of me and if that is true, then I can love you and you:)

"love everyone"
"make good food"
"use healthy ingredients"
"do not eat it all"
"go outside"
"learn a word or two each week"

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