Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello Good Morning

Video of the day!
Lawrence M Krauss, my favorite teacher:)
reality is liberating
Watch it if you want..I loved it! It is three minutes or so..

It is getting harder and harder for me to talk about astrology, yet I am drawn daily by my magnetic body and mind to what is going on that triggers all the reasons that astrology mentions..surely my three pound brain isn't forming reality for the whole world!
We still do not know the unknown but we are capable of knowing  more and I will make adjustments as needed. I am seeing something more awe inspiring than I have ever been capable of doing ever before.
I guess when you get to be my age, you get to get smarter..who has time to waste on fighting and  dumb delays, not me!
I think I am pretty smart. Libra "types" are usually pretty keen. They can be super stubborn and willful as younger people..secretly scheming to have their way no matter what and sometimes they have lost their way, sometimes they found someone Else's way for them and then allowed some to injure their already delicate soul by lingering too long hoping they would love them enough..
sometimes they are super content with flow
other times they can't get enough
especially if it is something good..
like a good Libra woman
with Capricorn moon
driving her forces deeply in to your direction
Mercury in Scorpio in regions with Jupiter and Neptune
icy gasses swirling some violent
yet swimming with compounded ideas wrapped in sulfurous gas and ice
like ideas are..

A good Libra woman is always ready to smile and sing a song for you and also say thank you because you love her so well  she is never sad about you..not ever!

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