Wednesday, October 29, 2014

they rely on you to be strong and the capricorn way

I say that to strong people in my life and now is the time we get to exhibit how awesome and strong we are.
Capricorn way!
To be easily climbing to be easily funding and to be easily content with how high..the how and why of it and be the master for that..
the how is when you take each thing and think it through..listen to your mind and what it says to you.
Listen to your inner heart's mind and be real and not mad all the time.
Mad as in ready to justify. Mad as in why you did this and why he did this and why you cannot forget it.
You will forget, because it is time for capricorn masters.  It is time to move and time to do and climb and fix along the way.

Mars in Capricorn Pluto in Capricorn
Your real home life
Your mom and dad, you and the kids, your reputation, big...
good thing you were always mindful of your activities so that it all comes out clean. Good thing you have you family near you always forgiving you and letting you be you!
Does that mean you get to be a jerk for years on end and then expect loyalty?
Well, some people will only take so much and then doesn't take much to roll you off a cliff..
They will say hello or they will say, "good bye"
The road you choose for the next three months will be many ways. Who do you run with? Someone  who lies and cheats their way in your soul or someone who truly loves you and cares about your thoughts and dreams..both? Or..are you constantly searching for the one person who will love you and and tell you that you are beautiful? 
Beauty doesn't cheat. Real beauty shines like a star and allows for the heart to enjoy rapture with someone..not just sex, the rapture of the good life. good food and good people near..
No..if there is a a lie due to fear, it does, it poisons.

Yes to real. yes to hard work. yes to loyalty and honest living! might just slip off a hill and crash hard..what?

We can expect some really top people to crash. I mean, at least one big shocking developement..let us see about that. I think I am right.
Pluto in Capricorn is about drastic falls and leaps of grandure. Mars in Capricorn is working hard to make money and on  being healthy..but again, I say that some one in a high tower will crash..
an older fellow..
What am I a diviner now? I am a telepathic illuminator!

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