Monday, October 13, 2014

the next six months in astrology

Telepathy or what ever you call this mythology..all I know is, when you get past the typical personality types of astrology, you get to the math and the angles in space and it is mind boggling.
having had to learn the formulas years ago as I studied progressions and things which interested me, I can see that astrology teaches us, us! It is something to behold, really..and don't tell me about the logical factors..not everything is know that because you still have to live your life in the real coping with every detail of your it force and giving it attention in time. perhaps, you too, should change your mind.

Now for the next six months..
the zap zone, the crumbling, the real changes which must happen, you must change your mind and survive and be strong and good and not fuck people's lives with greed'and selfishness..
We all have them believe me. creepy greedy selfish motives..
I am not saying you should give up and hide somewhere..but at least take some elderberry extract daily from now until April..I am serial..okay?::))

Now for the next six months..
now is the next six months..
look either you relax a little and let things be what they are, begin every day with, " i am really good right here, right now"
 or freak out every time you have a little glitch in your life..and for goodness sakes, if Mercury in Retrograde teaches us anything is that we should not over spend during this time. Mercury in Libra Scorpio is just odd to begin with..beware of secret dealings and secret words against you especially since you might be being a twat right girls and specially religious fire girls are noted here..
I feel like it is a good time to lean on a Cancerain friend. they always have a lovely moment to share about your life. They listen, Cancerians do! I loves' them.

I could say a few brief words about each sign, yea?
Okay..Aries girls can do no wrong..
A Libra could fan that fire and glow light as a fluorescent gas
It is an amazing ... if the Libra can submit a bit..if not..oh man

Taurus is in a bit of an art cocoon..wait till they get to have a big are so lovely and so smart.
Scorpio, why let someone ride you so hard, honey. I think sometimes you should be told how amazing you are and always right too..ha ha ha. I love me a good Scorpio woman..

Gemini my are my heart, my gentle friend
your sweet smile to me
makes my day
always lovely
 I hold you dearly in my heart

My Sagittarius, you are far away from me..we always bow our heads to one another..
Sagittarius, have you been told once too often not to be so outspoken? It can lead to anger in others I suppose. also, think for yourself but be gentle about isn't a war.

Cancer  is quietly and stealthily gaining in on their  dreams by having more dreams than we ever thought.
I love them so much, my gentle sweet beings, always doing good, for every ones good. They make their own food..
dude..look how far you've come this year..if you have ever realized your potential , it is now. Review what you covet and remain true to
Yea, well, Pluto square Uranus and frikin square (a little bit square) in that Mercury retrograde business we are in the thick of it,
Get out of the muck and be clean..the things you desire may  need review. I am glad, you are so evolved and willing to change for your good and your loved is what we do as Cappy moons too..

Myself, and my two girls, we all have Moon in Capricorn ... Libra, me, and  my Aries-zilla and Cancer-tanker of about a dynamic trio!

Leo, take a break but make sure you are still actively working towards your perfection..what ever you love..make it you best thing always. Sleeping all day like a big cat, might just one day be your life passing by you..a year here, a month or two there..."oye, 50, sneaks up on you!"

Aquarius, these next six months wil be a reality check and a little relief...maybe you over reacted a little. Maybe it was time to move will be fine..make what you know best work for you.

Pisces, do I ever worry about you? Thank you for all the wisdom and telepathic flashes of insight. I know you are always there..for me and others like me. I bow at you feet.

Virgoan creature, sexy mind blowing hunkin smarty butt!
(Rick Grimes is a Virgoan!! "Rick!!")

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