Sunday, October 19, 2014

how do you feel?

I am okay..yea... I just came from an awesome work meeting where they gave me accolades and money..I am buying olive oil and nice California green one and maybe a macadamia nut oil I have been looking at..
I wasn't expecting but that new Aries girl boss likes me and that is ok..I like her..she very smart! Today she pointed put some facts about healthy values and turns out  that recently there has been a new pesticide that is a good percentage like half, agent orange..the same things..
it turns out that will envelope every grain of gmo corn in the US..
Also, that nicotine has been linked to killing the bee population..not all together but it is linked.

Agent orange has killed a whole many men years ago, men, who were over there killing other men, women, children for powerful countries with men, and since it is all jungle, they thought they would spray everything to kill the vegetation and bugs...they didn't even touch that. they did not know how to work the jungle..
Agent orange has caused many carcinogenic illnesses for many American soldiers and those who survived in Vietnam..
Good thing we are saved though!
(lol, sarcasm, ok))

I feel that when we lie and cheat our planet, we really lie and cheat God, and how awesome we are we have this nice place to live and keep pouring refined chemicals in our water and our lands which are teeming with life right down to almost the core..who knows what is going on down there and what is yet to come from our earth's churning and another billion years we may or may not be here..I ask this question..

"if we breathe the same atoms of let's say (one of my favorites), Sheeba  and even further back, we are breathing the same atoms and drinking the same water as the dinosaurs, then of course, these components create an imprint, a memory..that trains itself to be better and better..
I do not think it was meant  to include us refining the planets recourse's to this extreme. We should take notice of these things and not be afraid to say what should be right??."

And by the way, as much as I respect and admire Neil DeGrass Tyson, he is wrong about GMO's!
As I have stated before, maybe the science is ok with you, but, it comes wrapped with bad things..they kind you do not want to do..not ever!

Okay, I will stop because all this reminding myself of this and that, is making me hungry..I made mashed potatoes with bechamel sauce and I made brussel sprouts with butter..Who am I a French Chef?

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