Wednesday, October 8, 2014

blood moon?

Because it is so big and lasts all night..can you imagine the force?
Yes, it is us, we are that force..right now we are in between some mighty huge magnets and we are also a magnet..dude!!

I want to tell you how much I love my earth and the reasons why I am here. Maybe not all the reasons but I am willing to submit to my best things..of course..
This is an intense time for some..words, spoken, manipulations, anger over god, always, the whole business may have you embroiled in some bad moods..

You will not get mad at God, you will not get mad at others for not being you..
you will question everything and do it with mild tones..
that is the secret..
Your tones mean so much!

"hey, are you working this egg here?"
"yea, thank you for asking."

"Why the ----ck is this egg here?"
"what do you mean, I am working it!!"

That was just one example of how we can create drama when it is unnecessary.
Still, it happens and you must know that by Saturday, you'll be all chill again and people's mood won't be as in your face..
They go through things..they manipulate, have too much pride and disdain for others, and maybe love you too much..more than you can bear..ha ha ha
They love you so much, they ask how long you'll be in the bath..or store..I have been there and maybe you are there now..
Focus on you and  how you can shine to others now. If you are doing wrong, a good lot will be exposed..Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer..going on a big giant wave of good fortune and maybe some sorrow..
We all  want and are attracted to clean dynamic scenes with structure and good money coming in.
 Good money!!
The kind that propels the pulse of the world..good changes everything..
It allowed you to sit on a mountain while eating vegan delights that are served to you by a barefooted silky skinned  man or woman..the scent of the spices in you tea bringing peace and joy..
good money...
you have all the foods and oils you love
with clean tidy home and wonderful words from each person in your home..everyday showing you something new...

Have your own dream now..have one on me, will you?

Think of your future self in five years and what you  want then..
In the now of four years..
good money flowing to you
because the things you do make people happy and they want what you give
you always have more to give
your heart is open to forgive
forgive yourself
forgive me too
because baby, I love you..ahhhwooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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