Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Capricorn Intensifies and the Venus Fly Trap

The idea that astrology reflects by the angles  and speed of the planets may seem too far fetched for many of my acquaintances and teachers..but I stand by mercury retrograde as a bad time to buy things..especially things that are big..

One of my girls brought home a Venus fly trap.it was so healthy and sweet looking all small and dangerous..
three hours later, the cat is all excited and freaking out running around the house and we are like what is up?
She would run to the little plant, mess with it as if it were alive and run away..again and again until the poor little plant was nothing but stumps of green in a cute little pot.
I moved it to a new spot where she couldn't climb and now it is missing completely..:)


It is just a plant you say and had I known this, or my girl had, she would not have put the fly trap in that place in the first place!
I wasn't home in time..kitty is sneaky and she destroyed it so fast..
Our lives relating to this somehow?

You tell me. Tell me of your unwise purchases and how you effed up and now you see that is was a dumb deal in the first place..or are you smart like me and know that this is a time to plan and fix, not keep spending because you will..keep spending on everything and more.

Money is so weird. It really is. At my work, they come to shop in costume or something..some of  them do..their lips all puffy from botox and their new freshly glued eyelashes..it is creepy a little bit.
I don't care except when they get too close to me because they all, young old, love me and my skin! LOL
"wow, I love that bag."
"thank you, it cost, 300 dollars."
ha ha
"thank you, it is vintage, I paid ten dollars for it."

Capricorn does intensify and Pluto is there
making things seem bare
and alone and way out there
in the middle of a mountain having climbed one footing at a time
longing for comfort there may not be this time
a few days turn in to years and all of a sudden
you remember why you are here
having made a mark with each step
passing that along to your beloved ones
your true friends who love you as you are
remembering that when things break down
you are the one standing
you are the one leading the way
transparent and clear
you are the one with broad wings made of stardust and ice

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