Friday, October 24, 2014

strangers ( review) the walking dead and people spoilers season 5 ep 2

Rick always prefaces with a story so that everyone understands there is danger in areas they never imagined. Strangers!
My humble review...
Michone was describing her life, now. How she does not miss anything about her past, not really. She misses Andrea..who was selfish, arrogant and a bad judge of character. It is true! Because even though the governer was on the surface a very nice and protective man, he was evil and all the signs were there. Andrea, with her petulance!
Anyhow, she was not in this episode but for one mention by Michone. Andrea was there for Michone!
Rick says that people are a bigger danger in their world now. Everyone has done wrong and broke down to their most dirty survivl state.
At one point Michone went to reach for her sword and smiled because it wasn't there anymore.
I felt that way about my massage table. i wonder where it is still,lol..
i came back from costa rica and it was gone.
Things get ripped away from us like that..death, illness and our temper can add up to millions of ways we can hurt each other.
Father Gabriel..his suit is too clean and he is in cahoots with  something..something bad like maybe a secret group we don't know about yet trying to start a new colony which of course the motives may be ok, by their means are very very bad..
we will see, won't we?

I am not looking at any more spoilers before I watch..only reviews after because it really does mess things up. You get to bored, like who cares what happens if all I see is heads being smashed in..right?
Also, the writing is so good and the dialog is wonderful and real to me.
I work retail, I see zombies..some days only one or two, other days more than that. it is always relevant.
Humans get to be rude and unkind to each other and then all shit breaks loose.
I think Bob was bit. look at his face when Sasha asked him if he was ok..dumb ass, There is bubbling water and he walkes right in it!
I saw it and couldn't understand why he is so careless..
It had to be him and he is someone I never trusted. He is from Terminus and he is now food..
How will this infected and dying man effect the hunters..the f*king cannibals?
We'll see, ,won't we?
Their greed and evil took a bad turn.
There are many reasons. is Georgia, there is food everywhere..potato farms and peaches and all sorts of food..besides eating human meat will make you sick. I suppose that is the point.
Do not think this is not a real thing with humans..they will eat each other in a pinch..we have all heard the stories....

It is our brain and that is is where the virus hits humans. Is a virus, yes, no, no, yes in a living host, humans it is.
Ebola is a virus..look at how easily it can enter and make trouble? A year or two later, you have the ravages..
In the walking dead it is like that only the virus is so powerful that it can control a body to only tear, eat any living things and multiply.

That is why I love this story. It shows strength and endurance and focused mind always wins. Rick is my hero. I am Rick. and his crew..of course we suffer and break down sometimes, like Rick did when Lori died. She sucked! What was it two weeks before she shacked up with Shane? Puta!
Also That baby is cute.
I love it when Rick was counselling his boy, Carl, on being alert, that just because we are around pretty smiling people, doesn't mean we are safe.
"Ok, dad..", he said..
He had better or he is alone with strangers!
You know, in my own apocalyptic end of the world all are my crew. I will cook for you!

I do not trust the priest!
His suit is too clean and how did he get on that rock so conviniently?
How will Bob's eaten flesh mutate in the cannibals and will we get a new kind of zombie now?
We got a fire zombie and a water logged one too.
I am excited to see how we will all be excited with episode three!
I bet it'll start with Bob laughing instead of crying in the end..or not!
He is a gonner!
Where is the katana? Do the hipster human eaters have it? I hope so!
What is up with Morgan, is he loco or no?

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