Sunday, October 5, 2014

Palaeos Life Through Deep Time

This is a picture of who are..and..what I get so excited about these days..

God is Dark Energy and Dark  Matter.

God is every cell in your mind having begun in  hydrogen.
time  continual
god is us
having been formed by real materials conjured up some hot hot hot way

water and heat hydrogen in a soup of dark matter and the pushing force, dark energy, we know nothing about..the original force that pushed it, continuing to propel itself even faster

It is just our beginning or will we collapse back in to ourselves and the whole thing squeezes all the stuff it made, all us us with that, boils it but good and bang...I starts everything again...

We do not know. I think this is the truth..

Which ever we we find our demise, blow up and whatever violent thing..I know it will be all of us..all..not the lamb sacrifices and long dresses and vestments..none of them are really right are they?
Here we are and come so far..we are on a blessed beautifully composed rock with life giving forces(real stuff, magnesium, calsium, silicon) perfectly made (another rant),

And they fill their lawn carpets with harmful chemicals so they can have grass.. perfect manicured gardens, thank you Round Up!
All of these substances are harmful to all living creatures, yet we continue to live by the law of some corporation which wants to control everything with their Round Up..(btw, one of the fastest selling products in Pakistan))..
They will argue that the science of genetically modified food is sound and has no danger what ever!
That might be true. Do not forget however, that every seed they modify comes inoculated with toxic heavy metals our bodies were not made to consume.
Every seed comes with Round Up! Born in it and do what they want it to fight some hungry bugs and control weeds. We used to eat dandilions! Go try eating them now! You won't!
Is the science still sound? Maybe..remember all the chemicals, heavy metals and harmful drugs go in to the same water you drink..the same water that has been here along with the dark energy and matter. We think it was here pretty early on..(so cool))

Will all of their harmful dumping in harm the universe? No,
Will it harm the delicate planet's life forms here? Oh yes..

depression has never been more talked about, sadness, people cheating and leaving their families for sexual happens more and more..


~~what ever it is, Maybe, you can change your mind..try it..what ever it is that bothering you..

can you say.."it is not my problem"

say it,
"it is not my problem"

Why immerse yourself in such small distress when you can say..

" I have my duties and that there, is not my problem"

Think about our creation..and our lives through deep time and what we old that trillions of years cannot be enough and  never explain it.

now say it..

"it is not my problem"

I have my wonderful duties
I do what I want
I do a great job, now
and I am always content with my decisions"

"it is not my problem"

Does it seem cold to you? Hurt your belly a little cuz you do not want to let go of that activity or person?
If something is making you sad, you still have to analyse the reasons. We are mostly sad because our desires are not fully met..

It is ok..sometimes you need to put things in to a clear doesn't mean you are cold and do not show affection, it means yo do not slobber over everything..ha ha ha
That is how plagues start!

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