Monday, October 27, 2014

a nice eye cream

you take shea butter
a nice carrier and some bees wax and it makes a nice smooth little cream. I think it is good to have oils around which actually do something for your skin.
We should have more of those!

this week's menu will include
the ghost of frankincense
black rose vetiver soap
and tangerine pink salt

and then..I am thinking some new balms in sight because I love the little jars with the cork:)

there will frankincense and myrrh, a must!
sage and cedar
piny forest
rose chamomile
oakmoss vetiver patchouli rose geranium...that smells so good this time of year!
Think balmy creams!
Think oily nourishing balms that make you smell so good that people are like a love magnet, I am a friend to all magnet!

I will post them when they are ready, but now, I must pack some lovely orders..have a good day and text me if you watched "four walls and roof"!
Oh, wait, you don't text and I spell badly so we'll talk!

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