Saturday, October 11, 2014

interesting times and wonderful friends neptune sqaure mars

I cried yesterday, the day before was a combination of Walking Dead intensity and the world..with their fucking burnings of "witches" in Tanzania the other day, yes 2014 and the burn people and also at the same time suffering from such ignorance that they harbor Ebola..
It makes me sad when we, the good ones, :) who want to live on this earth with out their poisons and their gods, we the good, want to live a long time with fruits every day and awesome learning..
Just very OM to all of it!
I gathered my wits around 9pm..I could still cry but I have things in perspective now. I realize that I have Neptune transiting my third house and of course, that is is Mars in Sagittarius and it is me me, being uber sensitive!
The ideas of third house opposite ninth house polarities being hit by a doozy of a square by Mars..
Mars square Neptune for everyone means art, yes, like fog on stone, beauty, poetry, a good story and a fine honest family..
Not what they are doing in many centuries must go by before they realize  their god doesn't care..not about the witches or the witch doctors that you can find in every village..
Leave them alone! They never bother anyone...or maybe they do, who cares, who knows?
I get sad..that is all..I cry because sometimes I feel every one's sorrow in the world. They hurt from so much and some have so little to begin with and others have so much..they stroll by with so much gold on them and so many fine linens and they likely spend thousands on fine perfumes..what ever that is..
phenoxy fuckers!
I should also cry about that! I won't.

I have been studying many wonderful things and I am half way through my mineral course on the evolution of is a recipe! I bet we are more nothing than we think and there are other big bubbles of time, but in what?
I do not know, but those dummies in Africa, at this moment, are suffering and still their god, isn't there..
One would think about this and ask, 'why"
ah, it is "a lesson"! You mean it is you are too scared of hell to say what you really think..:)
how can a soul burn? Your body, yes, but some  entity that exists outside of our laws of our physical realm, cannot be on the same terms that we isn't the is the known unknowns and its goal is  to do something to survive not make things, us, suffer..

Besides, think about your cells..each one, a group of atoms, choosing to form whatever they want, like an ear, a liver and your eyes.
Did you know that cells choose to be left handed or right handed? They choose the option! It is chemical and has everything to do what what happens from the beginning. The blast, the radiation background, the hydrogen, helium, lithium,, the stars, the minerals rocks made in stars, the volcanoes, the cooling, basalt, heat water from comets and whatnot crashing in to earth, the mineral spark of life with protein enzymes....when we break apart our cells, there are three tiny grains of sulfur, nickel and iron..interesting!!

If I cry today, it isn't because I am depressed. if I cry, it is because I love, I cry for other's suffering and ignorance, I  wish they can be better soon..
If I cry, it is because I have compassion and sympathy..and then my heart swells and water pours out of me and I am tired from it..awe..I am ok..

Neptune in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius..
hidden enemy words

dirty filthy trollop off of craigs list
Sex with strangers at these times? Yuk, again, babe! Sorry!

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evolving art
exploring the possibilities
learning the facts easily
allowing for dreamy yummy moments

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