Saturday, October 25, 2014

what are you taurus or aquarius, i don't know what you are but you are like a magnet of comfort and other soap business news

Soap business news is slow-ish so I am focusing on what I have right now,  rather than trying to wows you with always new things.
This is good for many reasons. It takes money to have everything and we have enough for a few really  nice things rather than experimentation and always following up on ideas from others and special seems to be wasteful and changing course isn't the thing to do at the moment.
It is mercury retrograde so even these ideas may just be checked out and then tossed in the dark corners of my my wild exploits area of my brain

I have enough for the old whore and I have enough for the time lord and many others..there has to be a perimeter in which a real business should opperate.
Of course I will make special blends again. I notice that people are looking at the red dragon soap I had made a couple of years ago! It was a blend of dragon's blood and something.. I should make that again! The ghost of frankincense rocks..I sold all of those!

Right now at the shop, I am trending more skin care than soap, believe it or not.
I make awesome potions too and people want that more than soap, right  now. Fascinating.
I love soap, but I always needs and wants, :),  oils, I do!
Some of you bought the vitamin c  serum from my shop. It is nice, isn't it?
I have been using it on my face. I look fine, a little pale because it is Michigan..

Inflammation for the last few could be an asteroid having passed pretty close to us..I found out later in the day about this yesterday and dang it if my knee didn't feel like a magnet was messing with me. It was the asteroid, I am sure..

"maybe this asteroid was telling you something", I thought.
or not. maybe each one asteroid is composed with all sorts of different combinations of minerals and metals and even gold..which is only made in many different sized ones and each object from space, our own little dot of space is just doing what it does..spin, pulling hard while you push back..or and I know I always give the other side, I am a Libran... you submit to its forces.

The knee thing.. bathed them both in rose oil and rhasouled both but good and I deeply pressed in and felt each restraint of energy relax we are back to us again....but, I mean wow!

I do work on concrete and as you may know I go through a shoe thing and do not love every shoe lately. I went back to some expensive beach shoes and they seemed to make me feel better.

feet, shoes, knees..
Fear of the future is knees..fear of success..
fear of dealing with the world..
(btw, I will always tell it like it is so that there is no shadow of a zone..what you see and what I say, is what it is))
But it is also the feet. the bottom of the feet is...what?  Fear of pressing the the earth too hard??
treading too hard and being pushy?
To pressing, pressed, stomped, stomping?

"I glide easily through my day"

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