Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Next Six Weeks The Aries Leap The Libra Sweep

In astrology, which by all accounts should not work but it does, which leads me to think about telepathy and what that is astrology, the next six weeks is crucial for a few very important tasks in our lives.

Obviously, the world needs to deal with the coming plague..
Obviously heads will roll what with the Capricorn influences and Saturn deep in Scorpio compelling us to  obviously and  always question every thing! Change what needs done!

When there is a lunar  eclipse like the power one we just had and are still having, one must review the next six week as a continuum of what the last six weeks produced.

Calm down and quit fighting all day for one thing..(I say that to my teens all the time.:)

Fight for the good life not strife and misjudgement. you lie to yourself and still you think people don't know..well they do know!

I know by now in this note, you are thinking I am talking about you, I am not. and yes, I am..and Myself.
When presenting yourself to others, do you automatically get competitive, like, "look what I can do and it is better that you.." It puts the other person that you attracted in the first place, it puts them in defense mode and then you get a stupid mob of silly thoughts in your brain making fizzy worthless stories...
Who cares what is better! I do cannot create magic if you are looking over some one Else's cauldron, you might burn your delicate potion..jeez.

If the Libra Aries polarity teaches us anything, it is patience and always transparency so you do not have to make shit up...
Aries is leading like a surgeon, Libra is willing here to submit to a better cleaner way by being cleaner, more directive, more assertive and certainly most adoring of Aries' skills! They have many!
Skill Zilla is what the are!

For all of us, this aspect plus the Uranus in Aries thing means many things, but one striking factor in my mind, is how many women who are Skill Zillas (Arian Fire Walkers) are showing up.
There is a turning point in work and the economy when for the next few years, women will take the lead in many areas of commerce and we will thrive..
Okay, now I want to sing, "when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius..meow, meow, meow...
One thing we forget about them (Arian Fire Walkers,  is they need more love than most folks. Therefore they can be easy to manipulate based on this need..Libra too..
Also do not forget that this means for all of us because as we see this from our spot on earth, it effects all of us..

miss trust based on the past
sneaking around
being depressed over your desires not being met because all you do is play video games or watch TV when you get home..
spending your well earned money on carry out food
none of that now..

Issues to connect with would be;
your money
your leadership style
your abilities to attract goodness
your clean well lit home
forgiving the ones you keep close
making time to enrich your mind and body

I will always consider all my goodness and I attract all my best things. I attracted you right?


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