Friday, October 3, 2014

wrapping the head for god

So.. they would not hire a girl, a really pretty one  (Samantha Elauf) at Abercrombe and Fitch, because of her head wrap thing. She is taking them to the Supreme Court because of this..
It is a matter of principle that she gets to wear vestments  at work?
I call them  vestments because they are symbolic. At home they take that shit off.
Can you imagine some of those long black polyester coat things and how hot they must be when a woman is having a hot flash at the whole foods because she still has good taste in unguents and must get out of the house sometimes? They always have some dark  swarthy thin lipped fellow right behind them, lest they get seduced by someone or may hep, have a gaze at another man..or, object that might insult god..who watches that guy? That is the question, isn't it?

I would freak out! I run so hot anyhow.

Who is right?
Abercrombe, of course! Hey, you get freedom of your religion, one that hates infidels no worse than catholics , jews, different..sorry though, you cannot wear vestments at work..
Oh, so now, the indignation, the holy rights, the whatever really special rule that only applies to you and your god..
If it is my business, and I say, wear whatever you want, but these guys have a dress
Go work somewhere else! Take that thing off and be a woman..oh, wait, you can't because they will stone you, cut your head off and throw you in a ditch..and no amount of rhine stone on a shirt can make up for that..
Yea, so no, I don't like it!
And Samantha, go look for another job, not everything is about you..why the long fight?

Most likely they will settle out of court and give her what she wants..I hope she can be happy after that..but you know a long fight over something, really changes takes your joy away..
I know when I feel manipulated and lied to, I am not happy. Force brings hate..every time, it does!

When I think for myself, I am most happy. This way, all the goodness my mind can comprehend is at my disposal.

By the way, if you wrap your head all the time, you'll get dandruff and the you are back at the whole foods, looking for natural remedies and tea tree that what god wants?

I want riches for all
and great mind songs

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